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NoRecycle for PVE & RP [Protect goods] 2.0.0

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About NoRecycle for PVE & RP [Protect goods]


NoRecycle is a plugin designed to protect players from accidentally recycling valuable items in PVE and RP environments. Environments often allow players to collect items such as money, coins, prizes, thalers, or other currencies that they don't want to accidentally recycle. This plugin allows server administrators to set a list of items that are not allowed to be recycled. This list may contain specific currencies, prizes, or other important items that are crucial to gameplay or roleplaying.


By using NoRecycle, server administrators can ensure that players do not accidentally lose valuable items by recycling them. The plugin blocks the recycling of these specific items, giving players an additional level of security and helping to ensure a realistic and enjoyable gaming experience in PVE and RP environments.


In addition, NoRecycle can also be used for other purposes where a similar mechanic is desired to prevent certain items from being recycled. This can be customized depending on the needs of the server and player community.

From version 2.0.0 you can use the plugin in even more versatile ways.  You now have the opportunity to enter the appropriate SkinID.  If you want to use vanilla items, please leave SkinID with 0.  Here's an example:

  "NonRecyclableItems": {
    "sticks": 123456789,
    "paper": 987654321,
    "rock": 0,
    "note": 456789123

load, run, enjoy 💝


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