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About Quest System

XDQuest: A comprehensive and customizable quest system for your RUST server!

XDQuest is a powerful and flexible plugin that introduces a comprehensive and dynamic quest system into your game world.
With 25 different types of missions available for players, the possibilities are almost limitless.
Players receive various rewards for completing missions, adding even more incentive to accomplish tasks.

At the moment, this is the largest and only quest system available!questKlushka.png.3d02d13479c4d59299585525293205a3.png
XDQuest is your key to creating endless adventures in the world of RUST.


List of features:
(The description briefly outlines the functionality and includes screenshots.)
Interactive website for creating quests:
XDQuest-Creater - On my website, you can easily and quickly create quests. Forget about manually editing JSON files — my user-friendly interface will make the quest creation process simple and enjoyable!

The plugin offers four types of rewards:

  • Items
  • Blueprints
  • Custom items
  • Commands

It integrates perfectly with various economic systems, and also supports Skill Tree and ZLevels.

List of missions
Mission setup
Reward setup

Detailed instructions and settings on the website:
XDQuest-Creater - My website features clear and informative instructions that will help you configure the plugin and master all types of missions.

You will gain access to it immediately after purchasing the plugin.

Discover the simplest and most effective way to configure using my guide!

XDQUEST17.png.585336bc804daa9926c185b823e85d35.png XDQUEST18.png.3cfe6cb741107ebe8fb73faa8b40cf90.png XDQUEST19.png.ca7ee7b4721552fab92a1e72ca1fb305.png

Beautiful and modern UI:
The stylish and intuitive interface makes using XDQuest simple and enjoyable.
There is a mini-quest list that allows your players to remotely track the progress of their missions.

Mini quest list

Example of UI customization
(Rusty Wasteland PvE)

Capabilities and NPC settings:

  • NPCs have their own voice-overs; currently, they can respond to the user on 4 triggers:
    3.Task acceptance
    4.Task completion
  • You can also upload and use your own sounds for any of these 4 triggers, and the website will assist you with this as well.
  • Dress your NPC however you like and create a unique appearance for them.
  • There is an option to change the location of the NPC.
  • Your NPC resides in a unique dwelling created in accordance with their character and backstory.

Available types of missions:
Currently, there are 24 different types of tasks available:
(The types of missions are constantly being updated)
(16 pre-set quests included)


Standard types:
- Resource extraction
- Target destruction
- Item crafting
- Learning new technologies or items
- Looting (can be from barrels and boxes, as well as from NPCs)
- Building upgrades
- Access card usage
- Setting up or placing objects
- Trading with NPCs
- Hacking locked boxes
- Recycling items
- Growing and harvesting plants
- Fishing (catching fish with a rod)
- Delivery - Deliver an item

Types available with additional plugins:
- RaidableBases
- AbandonedBases
- BossMonster
- HarborEvent
- SatelliteDishEvent
- Sputnik
- IQDronePatrol
- IQPlagueSkill
- IQHeadReward
- IQCases
- XDChinookEvent


Chat commands:
/quest.saveposition - saves a custom position (available only to administrators).
/quest.saveposition.outpost - saves a custom position within the bounds of a peaceful town (available only to administrators).
/quest.tphouse - teleport to a building (available only to administrators).

Console commands:
xdquest.stat - publishes statistics.
xdquest.player.reset [steamid64] - Clears all of a player's missions and everything associated with them.


  "General Settings": {
    "Max number of concurrent quests": 3,
    "Play sound effect upon task completion": true,
    "Effect": "assets/prefabs/locks/keypad/effects/lock.code.lock.prefab",
    "Clear player progress when wipe ?": true,
    "Quests file name": "Quest",
    "Commands to open quest list with progress": [
    "Activate radio for NPC in the building?": true,
    "Radio station URL to play in the building": "sonisradio.facepunch.com",
    "Notify all players on task completion?": false,
    "[Skill Tree] Ignore bonus from Skill Tree plugin when mining": false
  "Map Marker Settings": {
    "Use a mark on the game map? (Requires https://umod.org/plugins/marker-manager)": false,
    "Name of the map marker": "QUEST ROOM",
    "Marker color (without #)": "f3ecad",
    "Outline color (without #)": "ff3535"
  "Custom Building Position Settings": {
    "Use custom position for construction?": false,
    "Safe Zone Radius (Similar to NPC City)": 25.0,
    "Coordinates for building placement": {
      "x": 0.0,
      "y": 0.0,
      "z": 0.0
    "Building rotation angle (from 0 to 360 degrees)": 0.0
  "Position settings within the Outpost": {
    "Coordinates for placing a building within the bounds of the Outpost": {
      "x": -2.1,
      "y": 1.5,
      "z": 30.4
    "Building rotation angle (from 0 to 360 degrees)": 268.0
  "NPC Parameters Settings": {
    "NPC Outfit": [
        "ShortName": "hazmatsuit.nomadsuit",
        "SkinId": 0
    "Enable communication with NPCs": true
  "Statistics collection settings": {
    "Enable statistics collection and publication to Discord?": false,
    "Discord webhook for statistics publication": "",
    "How often to publish statistics? (Sec)": 21600.0
  "IQChat Settings (if applicable)": {
    "IQChat : Custom prefix in chat": "Quest",
    "IQChat : Custom chat avatar (If required)": "0",
    "IQChat : Use UI notification (true - yes/false - no)": false
  "Notification Settings": {
    "Enable notifications (Is required - https://codefling.com/plugins/notify)": false,
    "Notification Type (Is required - https://codefling.com/plugins/notify)": 0


Discord DezLife
Website editor - xdquest.skyplugins.ru


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