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OneGrid WindyCleft 1.2.0

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About OneGrid WindyCleft

Description: WindyCleft (OneGrid)

A small map in the (OneGrid) style with unique monuments featuring intriguing puzzles and a fully customized underwater monument.

Specially designed for OneGrid servers and servers with up to 150 players online.

Custom Monuments:

  • Fuel processing plant - a semi-ruined factory with two floors.
  • Two Tower - Two towers connected high in the mountains with military crates.
  • Mysterious house - at first glance, it's just an ordinary wooden house in the forest under the mountain, but it's only at first glance. The house hides a secret military bunker with a puzzle and security. You'll find many interesting things there.
  • Angar - it used to be used to unload military trains, but after the war in 2050, the island's new residents started using the hangar to repair their cars. However, from the past, there is one room that no one has been able to open yet; they say there is something very valuable inside.
  • Zavod - an old factory that once supplied the island with fuel; now only one external fuel processor remains.
  • Post - a small roadside monument.
  • Puzzle - a monument from the Hapis map slightly modernized.
  • ??? - During a rescue operation with a sunken ship, Captain Morrison discovered an unusual underwater signal. He reported this information to the Cobalt Corporation, and since then, no one has seen them. Old residents say there was once an island there, but it sank after a volcano eruption.

FacePunch Monuments:

  • Fishing village
  • Oil Rig
  • SuperMarket
  • Gas Station
  • HQM Quarry
  • Sewer Branch

The map will be constantly supported and updated.
If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord.

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