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Military Island (One Grid) 1.2.1

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About Military Island (One Grid)

A small map in the style of (OneGrid) with unique monuments specially designed for OneGrid servers designed for maximum productivity.

The map will be constantly updated.

Custom Monuments:

  • -Fuel processing plant - a semi-ruined plant with two floors.0
  • -Bridge - a dangerous bridge consisting of two lanes, one for cars and another lane for trains, on which stands a broken convoy under guard. The bridge also leads to a secret bunker in the rock.
  • -Closed storage - a bunker where good loot spawns, guarded by two NPCs at the entrance.
  • -Jeff's house - a wooden house with loot and a recycler.
  • -Old fortress - an ancient fortress on the island surrounded by water with only one entrance via a bridge. Inside the fortress spawns a lot of interesting loot.
  • -Komariv Pond - it is said that the record-breaking catfish was caught here.
  • -Market ATB - Market in modern style

FacePunch Monuments:

  • Sphere tank
  • Fishing village.
  • Lighthouse.
  • Outpost.
  • Oil Rig.
  • Hapis Puzzle Blue Breakable.
  • Underwater laboratory.
  • Stone quarry.
  • Sulfur quarry.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord.

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