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ModernMarketATB v1

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About ModernMarketATB

I suggest showing you my version of the supermarket.
This supermarket will fit perfectly into any server

The supermarket consists of five zones inside and two outside.
- The first zone inside is the supermarket itself with shelves of goods, cash registers, and a section for meat products
-Next, there will be a corridor connecting the black exit and the loading-unloading area, followed by a security room and an exit to the roof.

-In the supermarket, you will be able to find food, components, and medicine
-In the warehouse, you can find a crate with tools and components. Additionally, there is a recycler in the warehouse.
-In the security room, you can find a green card and a crate with components.
-On the roof, you will find three regular crates waiting for you.


Near the supermarket, there are two buses in the parking lot.
One of them contains a crate with tools.
Barrels spawn on the external territory.
At night, the supermarket is beautifully illuminated along the roofline, emphasizing its modern origin.

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