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Secret military base

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About Secret military base

Secret military base

A lot about the map is shown in the video 

Among the many islands of the world of Rust, one was found on which scientists created a military base. For unknown reasons, the scientists hastily left their military base. Now you have the opportunity to explore this military base. But be careful, the military base is very large, do not get lost in the endless number of underground tunnels. Some of them will lead you to secret laboratories.

In their haste, the scientists forgot to close the underground port. Explore it, there are a lot of interesting things there.

All the roads on the island and even the metro lead to a military base, it’s not just like that, find what they were hiding from us. Maybe then we'll understand why no one can leave Rust Island even after death
Password Not Included

  • Map size 4500
  • Prefab count ~85000
  • I can help with editing the map for your server

Custom monuments

  • Boat seller
  • Radio Tower
  • 3x Bridge
  • Large military base


Standard monuments

  • Satellite Dish
  • The Dome
  • Giant Excavator 
  • Abandoned Military Base
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Large Fishing Village
  • Fishing Village
  • Lighthouse
  • Ranch
  • Large Barn
  • Bandit Camp
  • Outpost
  • Supermarket
  • Train Yard
  • Harbor
  • Power Plant
  • HQM, Sulfur, Stone Quarry
  • Oilrig 1
  • Oilrig 2


I always didn't like the spawning of stones on the standard map. Therefore, when creating this map, I placed each stone myself, thereby creating a unique, beautiful landscape. There are several large mountains on the map with sheer cliffs and gently sloping terraces. The desert biome has several large canyons.

When creating the landscape, I focused on the possibility of building houses so that players could live with a beautiful view from the window.



The underground railway has 1 exit to each island, 1 exit to the surface of the military base and 1 exit to the underground part of the military base. The elevated and underground railways are connected. In some places, the railway runs along the edge of steep cliffs, be careful not to fall.



All powerlines are combined into one large network of cable cars. From anywhere on the map you can get to both the outpost and the military base. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a boat to cross the big river in the middle of the map


Caves and tunnels

The military base has a large network of underground tunnels. Don't forget a flashlight, you can get lost there. There are also many caves and tunnels throughout the rest of the map. Ore stones spawn in some caves. Also, these caves connect the 2 halves of the island.


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