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  1. Could you please add an Option to add a command in the config so players can enable/disable all the buttons if they like. We desparetly need this on our server, thank you so much!
  2. R18 heli platform scientists also shoot at one another
  3. Q17/Q18 lots of scientists shooting at one another.
  4. All the Scientists at 018 shoot at each other.
  5. Ladder does not work here and lots of the buildings have no loot in then, could you add more loot around the mapp to the monuments?g
  6. Airfield has a bunch of scientists that just endlessly shoot at each other. N5/N6
  7. Top of P7 found more rocks you can get inside.
  8. i16 there are tons of rockets you can get inside and build or shoot players through.
  9. Whenever I run into the Tunnels at bottom right of "G18" I get inside terrain violation then I'm kicked and killed.
  10. SlayersRust

    Plugin won't load

    { "BatchSize": 1, "UpgradeFrequency": 0.025, "AllowUpgradeFromTc": true, "AllowUpgradeFromStorages": true, "HidePrefixWithPluginNameInMessages": false } My config and tested and it is a Valid .json file. Deleting the Data file fixed the problem. Not sure why but it did!
  11. SlayersRust


    What? he was having the exact same issue as me so I thought it would be helpful to add this on here? Is that now how this works?
  12. SlayersRust

    Plugin won't load

    Plugin no longer works tried reloading it multiple times, server restarts etc. Failed to initialize plugin 'StructureUpgrade v0.5.0' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) Please fix
  13. SlayersRust


    Cannot get the plugin to load at all now Failed to initialize plugin 'StructureUpgrade v0.5.0' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
  14. SlayersRust


    Does this work for the NEW HDRP Update?
  15. Will this be updated before Thursday? I'd love to get it on my Custom Mapp before the next wipe. Otherwise I may have to find a different monument.

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