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  1. Does this have to be used as an ingame item or can it also be set as a command like /rusternet in config?
  2. geekyplaster

    Bank Heist

    Once the bank is setup can it only be accessed via the vault door "wall" that is set in plugin (all other walls doors are indestructible?).
  3. zombie doesn't drop the players clothing on lootable on players body
  4. Is it possible to increase the npc attack range and can you add more than 1 copy/paste building to config so one is chosen at random.
  5. geekyplaster


    Hi, Is there anyway to make this compatible with backpacks as currently when plugin is running it prevents the backpack from being drooped and all items are lost. Thanks in advance
  6. Got the update thx love this new option "Zombie spawn amount"
  7. geekyplaster

    Error in console

    Hi Keep receiving this error in console Failed to run a 20.00 timer in 'WalkingDead v1.0.0' (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) at BasePlayer.SendConsoleCommand (System.String command, System.Object[] obj) [0x00000] in <447621390d0343488358f17f22273a4a>:0 at Oxide.Plugins.WalkingDead+c__AnonStorey0.<>m__0 () [0x0000a] in <06bf224221df41bf9c4e93a0410bda0f>:0 at Oxide.Core.Libraries.Timer+TimerInstance.FireCallback () [0x00018] in :0
  8. You could just edit the lang/en file to remove/change the messages
  9. Hi just thought I'd let you know that there are few typos in the message files. { "Zombie_Spawn": "You died and ressurected a Walker!", "Prefix": "<color=green>Walking Dead : </color>", "info": "\nThe [Walking Dead] will resurrect players as Walkers\nThese are agressive and attack anything on sight !!\nUsing their mellee weapons they can and will go after you !!" } { "Zombie_Spawn": "You died and resurrected a Walker!", "Prefix": "<color=green>Walking Dead : </color>", "info": "\nThe [Walking Dead] will resurrect players as Walkers\nThese are aggressive and attack anything on sight !!\nUsing their melee weapons they can and will go after you !!" }
    Great plugin and very simple to setup. Perfect addition to any Zombie Server.
  10. request: Option to add a delay before walker spawns

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