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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Don't miss out! Come grab this bundle of all my available prefabs listed for a cheaper, limited price for only one month! In this bundle you will receive : RP - Two New York Plaza RP - Itzthatkyguy Skytower RP - Supermarket RP - Bookstore RP - Police Station RP - Fire Station RP - Modern Apartment Unit RP - Modern Mansion RP - Gas Station Note : These are standalone prefabs. For further detail and screenshots, see my individual prefabs listed under my profile!
  2. Version 2.0.2


    Overview This plugin adds a crafting skill system and the ability to craft higher quality items that have increased stats. Features Crafting skill progression system 5 crafting category trees (with more to come!) Progression paths for individual items Quality tiers for crafted items Stat modifiers for quality items Player signatures on crafted items Leaderboards for top crafters on the server Inventory overlay for display item qualities Support for vendor shops and other item containers Inspection tool for viewing modified stats of items Adjustable HUD elements Clean crafting skill menu GUI In game documentation and help menu for players Customizable animated notifications for XP gain Toggleable skill HUD progress bar Useful commands for server admins and moderators Crafting Categories Gunsmithing Toolcrafting Tailoring Bowmaking Weaponsmithing First Aid (Planned) Cooking (Planned) Engineering (Planned) More TBD! Permissions qualitycrafting.admin - Grants access to admin commands General Commands /qc help - Opens the plugin help menu. /qc skills - Opens the plugin skills menu. /qc buttons <show/hide> - Toggles the visibility of the HUD buttons. Admin Commands /qc wipeskills <player> - Wipes all skill xp data for a specified player. /qc grantxp <player> <skill> <xp> - Grants the specified player crafting xp for the given item or category. /qc grantlevel <player> <skill> <level> - Advances the crafting skill level of the specified player by the given amount. /qc setlevel <player> <skill> <level> - Sets the crafting skill level for the given item or category. /qc setquality <player> <quality> <item uid?> - Sets the quality level of an item. If no item id is given, the current active item will be targeted. /qc xprate <category> <multiplier?> - Temporarily overrides the configured xp multiplier for the given category. If a multiplier is not given, it will be reset to the default value. /qc getlevel <player> <skill> - Displays the crafting skill level information for the specified player Config { "Notifications": { "Item Crafted Notification": { "Show": true, "X": 480, "Y": 124 }, "XP Gained Notification": { "Show": true, "X": 480, "Y": 124 } }, "HUD": { "Inspect Button": { "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/tPi2qM4.png", "X": 407, "Y": 19, "Size": 25 }, "Quality Button": { "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/KMWMn0K.png", "X": 407, "Y": 52, "Size": 25 }, "Skills Button": { "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/x0Zg12R.png", "X": 830, "Y": 30, "Size": 32 }, "Tracked Skill": { "X": 890, "Y": 17, "Size": 160 } }, "Colors": { "HUD Background": "0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5", "Menu Background": "0.16078 0.16078 0.12941 1", "HUD Button Toggled": "1 1 1 1", "HUD Button Untoggled": "1 1 1 0.4", "XP Bar": "0.5 1 0.5 1", "Text": "1 1 1 0.4" }, "Sounds": { "Item Crafted Normal": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/notice/loot.start.fx.prefab", "Item Crafted Rare": "assets/prefabs/deployable/research table/effects/research-success.prefab", "Item Duplicated": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/item_unlock.prefab", "Skill Level Up": "assets/prefabs/locks/keypad/effects/lock.code.updated.prefab" }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 0 }, "General": { "Blueprint XP Gain": true }, "Categories": { "Gunsmithing": { "Enabled": true, "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/BH0ndEH.png", "Base XP Multiplier": 1.0, "Base Crafting Speed": 1.0, "Perk Increases Per Level": { "Crafting Speed": 0.04, "Duplicate Chance": 0.002 } }, "Toolcrafting": { "Enabled": true, "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/I0i8tBW.png", "Base XP Multiplier": 1.0, "Base Crafting Speed": 1.0, "Perk Increases Per Level": { "Crafting Speed": 0.04, "Duplicate Chance": 0.002 } }, "Tailoring": { "Enabled": true, "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/WlrTTKR.png", "Base XP Multiplier": 1.0, "Base Crafting Speed": 1.0, "Perk Increases Per Level": { "Crafting Speed": 0.04, "Duplicate Chance": 0.002 } }, "Bowmaking": { "Enabled": true, "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/NsBOZg1.png", "Base XP Multiplier": 1.0, "Base Crafting Speed": 1.0, "Perk Increases Per Level": { "Crafting Speed": 0.04, "Duplicate Chance": 0.002 } }, "Weaponsmithing": { "Enabled": true, "Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/1eAdvAq.png", "Base XP Multiplier": 1.0, "Base Crafting Speed": 1.0, "Perk Increases Per Level": { "Crafting Speed": 0.04, "Duplicate Chance": 0.002 } } }, "Quality Tiers": { "Star Icon": "https://imgur.com/fbELboi.png", "Tier 0": { "Icon": null, "Color": "0.9 0.9 0.9 1" }, "Tier 1": { "Icon": "https://imgur.com/BKx4Hs8.png", "Color": "0.11764 1 0 1" }, "Tier 2": { "Icon": "https://imgur.com/NSZTZ4v.png", "Color": "0 0.43921 1 1" }, "Tier 3": { "Icon": "https://imgur.com/XSbgf72.png", "Color": "0.63921 0.20784 0.93333 1" }, "Tier 4": { "Icon": "https://imgur.com/cEZUU9F.png", "Color": "0.87531 0.70196 0 1" }, "Tier 5": { "Icon": "https://imgur.com/RD7ED4R.png", "Color": "1 0.29803 0.14901 1" }, "Percent Stat Increases Per Tier": { "Projectile Damage": 0.08, "Protection": 0.01, "Melee Damage": 0.2, "Durability": 0.2, "Gather Rate": 0.1 } } } Localization { "gunsmithing": "Gunsmithing", "toolcrafting": "Toolcrafting", "weaponsmithing": "Weaponsmithing", "bowmaking": "Bowmaking", "tailoring": "Tailoring", "top crafters": "Top Crafters", "craft speed": "Crafting Speed", "total xp": "Total XP", "xp": "XP", "perks": "Perks", "duplicate chance": "Duplicate Chance", "no items have been crafted": "No items have been crafted in this category yet.", "crafting skills": "Crafting Skills", "item inspection": "Item Inspection", "crafted by": "Crafted by {0}", "no creator": "No Creator", "damage": "Damage", "durability": "Durability", "gathering": "Gathering", "protection": "Protection", "gain item xp": "+{0} XP", "gain item xp with bonus": "+{0} XP (+{1} Bonus)", "quality chance": "Quality chances", "player not found": "Player '{0}' does not exist.", "command success": "Successfully executed command.", "command error": "Error executing command", "usage": "Usage: {0}", "invalid value": "Invalid value '{0}'.", "value not allowed": "Value '{0}' is not allowed. Allowed Values {1}.", "level up skills": "Level Up Skills", "craft items or study": "Craft items or study unlocked blueprints to gain XP points to advance your crafting level.\n\nYou can advance your category crafting level as well as your item crafting level for a specific item.", "craft quality items": "Craft Quality Items", "advancing your item crafting level": "Advancing your item crafting level will increase the chance of crafting a quality item.\n\nThere are five tiers of quality, each tier increases the base stats for that item.", "inspect your creations": "Inspect Your Creations", "use the quality and inspect buttons": "Use the quality and inspect buttons near the hotbar to reveal the quality level and stats of items in your inventory.\n\nQuality level is represented by a number of stars or a specific color.", "overview": "Overview", "commands": "Commands", "support": "Support", "crafted": "Crafted", "max level": "Max Level", "duplicated": "Duplicated!", "plugin page": "Plugin Page", "donate": "Donate", "general commands": "General Commands", "admin commands": "Admin Commands", "plugin help": "Plugin Help", "track": "Track", "untrack": "Untrack", "no permission": "You do not have permission to use that command." } FAQ Q: How do I see the quality level of the items in my inventory? A: Click the star button to toggle the quality overlay. This will automatically un-toggle when you close your inventory. Q: How do I view my crafting skill levels? A: Click the icon with the bar graph to open the menu or use the command “/qc skills”. Q: Why doesn’t the inventory item information UI display the correct stats for my quality items? A: Unfortunately there is no way to override the information for Rust’s default inventory UI. To view the true stats of an item, use the inspect HUD button which looks like a magnifying glass. Q: Why can’t I see the HUD buttons? A: If you can’t see the HUD buttons you can try “/qc buttons show” to enable them. If that doesn’t work, then your server administrator probably disabled them. Q: Does this work with skins? A: Yes Q: The item images for notifications aren’t loading? A: Sometimes the image doesn’t load if this is the first time that item’s image has been requested since the server restart. It should load correctly next time that image is requested. Q: What do the percentages in the top right corner of the item skills represent? A: Those percentages show the chance of crafting a certain quality level version of that item. Q: How do I get the progress bar to permanently stay on the screen? A: In the skills menu, click the “track” button to show the progress bar on your HUD.


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