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About Car Scrapping

Inspired by a car scrapyard, this monument is perfect for large or small maps, thanks to the fact that it has enough loot, the possibility of taking all 3 cards and much more.

Everything in one place.

Parts of the monument:

-Central building where the blue and red doors are located, with medium radiation in the blue cabin and high radiation in the red cabin, where in addition to finding military boxes you have the hacked box.

-Roof: here you will find the recycler, a couple of boxes and 2 barrels of diesel.

-Round: A pile of burning tires surrounded by boxes and lootable road signs.

-Purple House: Located in a corner, here you will find a hackable box along with a couple of military boxes, a sofa, a cooking barrel, a research table and a level 2 workbench.

All surrounded by 4 watchtowers monitored by scientists.

File content:

-Car Scrapping prefab

-Car Scrapping Topology

-Car Scrapping Splat 0

-Car Scrapping Splat1

-Car Scrapping Heights

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