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About Sheriff Office

Step into the heart of law and order in the untamed lands of Rust with the Sheriff's Haven Prefab. This meticulously crafted structure embodies the essence of the Wild West, offering server owners an immersive experience that transports players to a time when justice was served at the end of a loaded six-shooter.


Main Features Include:

  • 🚨 Lawman's Ambiance: Immerse players in the rugged atmosphere of the Old West with weathered textures, creaking jail cell doors, and the echo of spurs in the air.
  • 🏛️ Sheriff's Office Setup: Equip your sheriff with a commanding desk and a discreet weapon holster. Administer justice while maintaining the rustic charm of the frontier.
  • 🔒 Built-in Jail: Keep outlaws in check with a functional jail cell. The barred windows and iron doors tell tales of desperados who dared to cross the line.
  • 👀 Rooftop Lookout: Ascend to the rooftop lookout and surveil the horizon. Ideal for keeping an eye out for trouble and maintaining order in the vast wilderness
  • ⚖️ Gallows: Included separately, the Gallows stands as a stark reminder of consequences for those who defy the law. A visual testament to the seriousness of justice in the Wild West.
  • 🏜️ Seamless Map Integration: Effortlessly blend the Sheriff's Haven into custom maps with Rust Edit, enhancing the overall Wild West experience for your players.


Embrace the spirit of frontier justice with the Sheriff's Office Prefab. Transform your Rust server into a bastion of law and order where stories of outlaws meet their resolution. Saddle up and let the Sheriff's Office be the focal point of your server's next chapter! 🤠🏛️

This Prefab includes two variants.

A - With all signs and lights.
B - Lights and signs removed for easy customization.


  • Please ensure that you have the latest version of Oxide installed and updated on your server. If not, some components of the prefab will not work as expected. 
  • If the Saloon doors do not show up in game, break the prefab in Rust Edit. 
  • The Saloon doors will appear black in Rust edit with their scale X set to 0.01 This is due to a bug with the movement colliders in game. If it is not done the closed doors will block player movement as if they are open. 
  • There is no prevent building volume included with the Prefab. If one is added, the wanted posters will not be editable and the weapon mounts will not work. If you require building block for certain players I can recommend using Zone Manager, setting the zone flag (nobuild) to block building and then giving your bartender / staff the "zonemanager.ignoreflag.nobuild " permission. 


For any issues please Reach out to me on Discord:  potato_sheep

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