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About The Mail Room

Mail Room Lore

Welcome to the Cobalt Mail Room, the covert underground lair privy only to the Cobalt elite. Today, it stands abandoned, a silent witness to the exit of the Director and the entire mailroom crew. Now, guarded by a squad of dedicated scientists, this once-organized facility has been ransacked, as if someone was looking for something... 

Why did Cobalt, opt for pneumatic tubes over electronic means for their confidential messages? Perhaps it was a calculated move to evade the vulnerabilities of electronic communication, with those pneumatic tubes serving as a relic from a pre-digital era, once carrying discreet murmurs of confidential exchanges.

Despite the apparent abandonment, the vigilant scientists remain, posing a curious conundrum. Why persist in guarding an empty shell? Did the raiders find what they were looking for? The answers, like the secrets that once coursed through the pneumatic veins of this covert sanctuary, linger in the shadows of Cobalt's enigmatic legacy.

About the Prefab itself 

The Mail Room is an underground monument that presents as a humble Oxums Post Office on the surface. 

Players will need a blue card to enter the facility and gain a red card from the Director's desk amongst other lootable containers. 

There are multiple CCTV cameras within the Mail room that can be viewed by anyone with a computer station. 

There are two exits but only one entrance. 

In Game Walkthrough

For any issues please Reach out to me on Discord:  http://discordapp.com/users/233662340179034112

Mail Room CCTV IDS V01.txt

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