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Expanded & Enhanced Power Plant 1.1.2

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About Expanded & Enhanced Power Plant

This is my very first monument, completely overhauled and expanded both above and below ground.

This was challenging to figure out, however I'm happy how it came out, I'm actively updating it with additional features and areas.


Watch the video for a better view on the Monument and its underground system!



Power Plant can now be considered the same tier, maybe even better than both Military Tunnels & Launch Site.

FPS was boosted, results may differ depending on system specs


Currently there is a lot of loot already, tons of new locations to explore and new puzzles!

I will actively be seeking to improve the monument as time passes, as such Puzzles, NPCs, Interiors & Loot are all to be overhauled from what it is currently.

Updates will be as soon as possible depending on how much I get done/continue doing will depend on how soon each update arrives!


If anyone has issues please feel free to contact me on Discord! [Discord: ijks2]

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