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About Throne Pack

Thrones built for royalty. 

Let all those who oppose you know who the real king is with this 3 throne pack! 


Skull Throne - Seat upon the heads of your enemies: The Skull Throne is a chilling symbol of power and dominance. Crafted from the skulls of defeated foes, this throne exudes an air of intimidation, showcasing the strength and authority of the true ruler. Its intricate design not only serves as a comfortable seat but also tells a story of conquest and triumph. Perfect for leaders who want to make a bold statement and remind all who enter their domain that they are sitting atop the heads of those who dared to oppose them.

Temple Throne - The Temple Throne is a majestic seat inspired by ancient architecture and divine aesthetics. Crafted with meticulous detail, it features ornate carvings, intricate patterns, and symbolic elements that evoke a sense of reverence and grandeur. This throne is not just a seat; it's a manifestation of royalty intertwined with the divine. Sitting upon the Temple Throne, a ruler can exude an aura of wisdom and divine right, making it an ideal choice for leaders who seek a regal and spiritual presence.

Scrap Throne - The Scrap Throne is a testament to resourcefulness and creativity. Crafted from salvaged materials, this throne reflects a ruler's ability to turn chaos into order, scraps into a symbol of authority. Its rugged appearance tells a story of resilience and adaptability. Despite its unconventional construction, the Scrap Throne offers a surprisingly comfortable and sturdy seat. This throne is perfect for leaders who value ingenuity, resourcefulness, and the ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

For any issues please Reach out to me on Discord:  potato_sheep

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