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Parkour Pro 1.0.0

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About Parkour Pro

Introducing Parkour Pro, the ultimate tool to elevate your server experience! What's better than a heart-pounding challenge? Bragging rights, of course. Engage your players with a thrilling parkour adventure that not only tests their skills but also lets them flaunt their victories.

With Parkour Pro, setting up a captivating parkour area on your server is a breeze. Define the starting point, the exhilarating path, and the sweet taste of victory at the end—all at your fingertips. This plugin empowers you to craft unique parkour courses tailored to your server's theme and vibe.

Why should you consider adding a parkour element to your server? Because it's the perfect recipe for increased player engagement and server popularity. As players tackle these dynamic courses, your server's metrics will soar, creating an environment that's not only fun but also competitive.

To kickstart your parkour revolution, Parkour Pro comes complete with a demo prefab. Brace yourself—this challenging yet conquerable course is ready to captivate your players. Take the first step in transforming your server into a realm of excitement, skill, and, most importantly, epic bragging rights. With Parkour Pro; the thrill is in your hands!

Video Walkthrough

parkourpro.use - Required to run any parkour courses

Console Commands

pk_close_ui - Close the UI
pk_leaderboard - Show the leaderboard UI
pk_courses - List all the courses

pk_clear_course_data - Clear the course data for the given course (Admin Only)
pk_clear_all_course_data - Clear all course data. (Admin Only)

Chat Commands

/pk_close_ui - Close the UI
/pk_leaderboard - Show the leaderboard UI
/pk_courses - List all the courses
/pk_end - End your current Parkour Run

/pk_clear_course_data - Clear the course data for the given course (Admin Only)
/pk_clear_all_course_data - Clear all course data. (Admin Only)

For any issues please Reach out to me on Discord:  http://discordapp.com/users/233662340179034112

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