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Minicopter Storage 2.0.0


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About Minicopter Storage

Adds 1 to 4 storage containers to the Minicopter, configurable in the config\MinicopterStorage.json file. (Default is first 2 listed, can be changed to any combination of the 4.)

1st container is a small wooden box with 5 rows placed behind the  pilot seat under the fuel tank & motor. (Default is true)

2nd container is a small stash with 2 rows placed under the pilot seat. (Default is true)

3rd container is a small stash with 2 rows placed under the passenger seat. (Default is false)

4th container is a small stash with 2 rows placed on top of the box and tail behind the fuel tank & motor. (Default is false)

The containers drop their loot upon destruction/crash of the Minicopter, configurable to be disabled by setting false instead of true (Default is true).

Option to set plugin to remove storage containers from the Minicopters on Unload of the plugin by changing to true (Default is false).

Tested and Verified that it will not remove the Storage containers from the Scrap Transport Helicopters that have them added from the ScrapHeliStorage plugin on umod.




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