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About Oregon: Land of Dead

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America. On this map, it is an island of size 4000. Oregon has an incredibly diverse landscape, with forests, deserts, lakes, mountains and cities. Oregon is home to some of the rarest genera of flowers on the planet. These plants were used for the virus that consumed this world and most people turned into zombies. Also, these plants contributed to the production of injections (injection plugin from KpuctaJl). On the map you will find the laboratories of NERO, in which you can find super drugs for temporary improvement of their characteristics. Also on the map you will meet many predatory species, such as bears, martens, wild boars and wolves (which were considered extinct in Oregon before the outbreak of Freaks). Wild deer are also common. Oregon has a diverse climate, with very hot, dry summers and cold winters. Frequent rains. A huge variety of custom monuments, from cities to atmospheric villages. There is a second tank on the dam.


Added custom configuration for custom monuments, for those who use the “Better NPC” plugin (The plugin is sold separately)

How can I view the map?

You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an “administrator” and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it.


Custom Monument:

  • Marion Forks (City)
  • Camp Sherman (City)
  • Lost Lake(City)
  • Celdera Hydro Project (Dam)
  • Army Base
  • Chemult
  • Oil Desert
  • Horse Lake
  • Proxy Falls
  • Crater Lake
  • Dead Gorge
  • O.Leary Mountain
  • Teller Cabin
  • Radio Tower Camp
  • Burnt Mountain
  • Scientific Base
  • Farm
  • Station
  • Red Rocket
  • Water Channel
  • Entrance Metro
  • Underground Military Tunnel

Monument Facepunch:

  • – Launch Site
  • - Nuclear Missile Silo
  • - Ferry Terminal
  • - Airfield
  • - Power Plant
  • – Outpost
  • – Junkyard
  • – Harbor
  • – Bandit Camp
  • – Sewer Branch
  • – Lighthouse
  • – Fishing Village
  • – Ranch
  • – The Dome
  • – Satellite Dish
  • – Quarry
  • – Roadsite Monument
  • – Desert Military Base
  • – Underground Tunnels
  • – Underwater Lab
  • – Arctic Research Base

Required Dependencies: https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit

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