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North vs South Custom Map 1.0.0

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About North vs South Custom Map

Presenting North vs South map.


Size: 2k

Map can be edited: Yes.


Perfect for clans vs clans or teams vs teams.

Has custom spawn points with custom spawning area.

Ores spawn only on the island with the Giant Excavator Pit, and in the caves. On the rest of them map you can find collectibles.

The are some extra Diesel barrels spawners at the Large Oil Rig.

The Large Oil Rig has a tunnel entrance next to it.


1 Large Oil Rig
2 Small Oil Rigs
2 Large Fishing Villages
1 Fishing Village
2 The Dome
2 Arctic Research Bases
2 Junk Yards
2 Caves
1 Bandit Camp - with all the vending machines from the Outpost
1 Giant Excavator Pit
2 Oxum's Gas Stations
Custom Spawn area




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