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About Land of Ash: ONE GRiD

A one grid map affected by a volcano, containing a secret mining rig underneath - operated by scientists and guarded by bradley.
This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!


– If you need support, join my brand new discord server @ discord.gg/TJxwpKT2Ge
– The password for the editor is included with the map.

> Detailed terrain work – This map was made entirely manual.
> The lava glows in the dark & players take damage if they touch it.
> The lava “biome” is rich in dead pines, ores & rock formations
> Ring road, above ground ring rail
> Multiple islands for players to build on
> Custom caves for players to build in (marked with X)

((FAQ: this map contains all key cards))
> Gigant Volcano -
1 military crate in the middle, players are gonna have to do some parkour over hot lava.
> Secret Mining Rig - placed in a gigant cave underneath the volcano, surrounded by lava, containing a Blue Keycard puzzle, multiple scientists and the Bradley APC. The entrances are marked with a red "O" on the map.
> Burning HQM Quarry - recycler, scientists
> Burning Water Pumps - recycler, loot, scientists
> Coaling Station - Green card puzzle (blue card inside), wagon extraction point, contains scientists & loot
> Underground Depot - contains blue card puzzle, wagons & loot - guarded by tunnel dwellers
> Flooded Sulfur Quarry - scientists
> Flooded Stone Quarry - scientists
> Train Depot
> Bandit Fishing Village -
Safe zone

> Custom rail bridge
> Custom road bridges (marked with *)
> Custom caves for players to build in (marked with X)
> Custom log bridges above the river
> Custom zipline tower
> Multiple waterfalls

> Lighthouse > Oxum's Gas Station > Small Oil Rig > Large Oil Rig > Underwater Lab

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