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About Serene Isle

In the distant future, a once-glorious island is now a testament to the relentless march of time and nature's fury. Iconic vanilla monuments have crumbled, succumbed to the forces of erosion, or disappeared beneath rising waters. The Cobalt Corporation has embarked on a grand mission to restore the island's former glory, beginning with the ambitious development of Bradley City.

Whispers among the island's inhabitants speak of a daring legend: In a desperate bid to thwart the Cobalt Corporation's plans, a group of rebels supposedly rigged the foundations of the old vanilla monuments with powerful explosives. Their aim was to inflict maximum damage and send a clear message of resistance against the corporate takeover.
This map brings the ocean to life with floating, flooded, and sunken monuments, creating a dynamic and captivating underwater world. The mainland features a stunning landscape, highlighted by a majestic mountain visible from every corner of the map. Players will have to explore and scavenge the ruins of old vanilla monuments, and conquer the new city monuments.
Size: 2500
Prefab count: ∼7300 

– Need help? You can always contact me on my discord server @ discord.gg/TJxwpKT2Ge
– The password for the editor is included with the map.

- Sunken monuments for players to explore & loot with submarines / diving tanks
- Mountain is covered in fumes, preventing players from roof camping
- Bandit Fishing Village contains the best from both outpost and bandit camp
- Enhanced desert biome
- Buildable bus stops
- Sunken monuments are fully functional (loot, puzzles, recyclers)
- Recyclers and marketplaces at fishing villages
- Ring Road
- Custom Bridges
- Low prefab count (High FPS)


- Launch site ruins
- Bradley City
- Train yard ruins
- Gas station ruins
- Green City
- 2 Lighthouse ruins (ocean monument)
- Lost shipment (ocean monument)
- Broken bridge (unmarked, next to flooded gas station)
- Dry Lake (build spot)
- Sunken Stone Quarry
- Sunken Sulfur Quarry
- Sunken Water Treatment 
(underground tunnels and sewers are closed)
- Flooded Gas Station
- Sunken HQM Quarry
- Sunken Power Plant
(underground tunnels and sewers are closed)

- Supermarket
- Lighthouse
- Ferry Terminal
- Harbors
- Oxum Gas Station
- Airfield
- Caves
- Fishing Villages
- Satelite Dish
- Underwater Lab
- Small Oil Rig
- Large Oil Rig

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