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About SimplePVE

SimplePVE is exactly what it says. An easy simple PVE plugin for your server to modify or change PVE rules individually & now also have a Simple Cui to control PVE rules and Create or edit Schedules.

New Features:

  • Control PVE Rules from in-game or in the config
  • Easy to understand each individual Rules
  • Create PVP Schedules
  • Many more features are added every update
 /simplepve - Use to enable or disable pve toggle
 /rsp - Use to reload the plugin
 /sprules - Use to Open a Cui to control PVE Rules & Creating Schedules  

 simplepve.admin - Required to enable or disable SimplePVE


Works with:

  • Should work with Every Event Plugin(Incase let me know asap!)
  • More adding-on requests

Schedules Setting 

UTC Time Difference: 360 (You will need to change this for your UTC time difference.)

Example: if my timezone is United Kingdom (GMT+1) then UTC Time Difference will be 60 * 1 = 60 )

Another Example: if Your Timezone is United States -4 Hour Behind from utc then UTC Time Difference will be 60*-4 = -240 (IDK If its correct!) 😅 

"Schedules Setting": {
    "UTC Time Difference": 360,
    "PVP On Notify Message": "<#990000>PVP enabled on the server. Now you can raid others bases and fight!</color>",
    "PVE On Notify Message": "<#008000>PVE enabled. Raid and fight is now prohibited!</color>"



  • void OnSPVEPurgeStarted
  • void OnSPVEPurgeEnded

Get faster support on my Discord!

logo-6062235-1280-thumb-png-763f.pngDiscord: iftebinjan


Check Out My Other plugins as Well😍


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