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I apologize to all my customers for the delay in fixing bugs and updating my plugins.

2 weeks ago I was infected by the Dengue virus (at least that's what we call it in Brazil), and so I didn't have time to work, update my plugins or fix errors, as I was in terrible condition.

Last week I started to feel better, until Saturday (March 9th) when I was hospitalized and stayed until today at (20:00 UTC).

I will release the fixes for all plugins within the next few hours, and I promise I will make up for them in some way.

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About Military Airfield Event



As soon as the event starts, several troops (NPCs) are spawned to defend an hackable crate that will be delivered by the CH47. This crate may contain a lot of loot, so the troops have the duty to defend it. For this purpose, there is a variety of troops such as snipers, close-range shooters, and long-range shooters.

If a player manages to initiate the hacking of the crate, all the airfield troops will be relocated to a combat position. In other words, all troops that you haven't seen yet or that are hidden will be moved to the center of the airfield to defend the crate. After a few minutes, a plane will be sent with supply drops containing weapons to assist the troops in defense. However, airborne troops will also be dispatched from the plane to parachute down and aid in defending the crate.

If the crate is looted, all troops will be destroyed, leaving only the crates, supply drops, and bodies to be looted by intruders.

Note: The command can be changed in the config file.

/ma start - to start the event
/ma stop - to stop the event
/ma position - to get the current position based in the airfield monument (used to config)


Console commands
ma start - to start the event
ma stop - to stop the event


militaryairfield.admin - to access all commands




API for Developers

// Called when the event starts
private void OnMilitaryAirfieldEventStarted();

// Called when the event ends
private void OnMilitaryAirfieldEventEnded(BasePlayer? lootedBy);

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