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About Wipe Settings

This is an incredibly simple, and potentially misleading with its name, plugin that will edit your hostname & description to include your wipe dates.

Specify your preferred date format (DD/MM, MM/DD, etc) and the hostname + description you wish to use.

This WILL completely override your server.cfg's hostname & description!

This WILL display an incorrect wipe date if loaded halfway through your wipe! The plugin must be loaded before your server(s) wipe to function correctly!


  "Date Format (dd, mm)": "dd/mm",
  "How many days counts as 'Just Wiped'?": 1,
  "What text should be added if the server is 'Just Wiped'?": "JUST WIPED",
  "Hostname ({wipe} goes where you want the wipe text)": "My Server | Active Admins | {wipe}",
  "Description ({wipe} goes where you want the wipe text, 'Just Wiped' will not be added here)": "Welcome to XXYY, join our discord: discord.gg/abcdef\nLast wipe was on {wipe}",
  "Hostname Update Interval (seconds)": 3600 

In your hostname & description, simply put {wipe} anywhere and it'll get replaced with the date of your wipe.
Want your server to say "RECENTLY WIPED" for the first 3 days of your wipe? Simply use "How many days counts as 'Just Wiped'?": 3 and "What text should be added if the server is 'Just Wiped'?": "RECENTLY WIPED" and you're set!



JReplacements are:
{wipe} - The date of the wipe, which is formatted as specified in the config
{just} - The 'JUST WIPED' text. If you want your JUST WIPED text separated from your date format, this is how to do it.


Why is an 'Update Interval' needed?

Let's say your server wipes on 22/11, and you only want it to say "Just Wiped" for the first 3 days of your 7 day wipe cycle. At some point during the third day, the server will no longer count as "Just Wiped" by your own definition, and there needs to be a good way to check this. You can alter the update interval to be as long or as short as you wish. Don't fancy having a timer running? Set it to 0 and it'll never be created 🙂
Be warned though, unless you have daily server restarts or plugin reloads, the plugin will not know that it needs to update the hostname accordingly.


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