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Auto Ban / Report Ban - Premium Edition 0.2.4

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About Auto Ban / Report Ban - Premium Edition

Introducing the AutoBan plugin for Rust servers - a powerful and efficient tool for managing and controlling player behavior on your server. This plugin is designed to help server owners and administrators keep their servers running smoothly and free from rule-breaking players.

AutoBan's key feature is its ability to automatically ban players based on reports made by other players. If a player exceeds a certain number of reports (configurable by the server owner), they will be automatically banned with a customizable reason message. In addition, the plugin includes a variety of tools for server administrators to manage and view reports and bans, including console commands, chat commands, and a broadcast feature that notifies administrators of new bans.

Here is a list of features included in the AutoBan plugin:

  • Automatic banning of players based on the number of reports they have received
  • Customizable reason messages for bans
  • Valid report reasons that can be set by the server owner
  • Option to broadcast ban messages to the chat
  • Ignored players list that allows certain players to be excluded from automatic banning
  • Timer for broadcasting bans to administrators and console
  • Chat commands and console commands for managing reports and bans
  • Permissions system for controlling who can access the plugin's features
  • Detailed logging of all bans and reports
  • Discord Alerts
  • Option to send reports to a url
  • Timed bans


  • /AB.report <username> reason> 
  • /AB.viewreports 
  • /AB.ban <user> <reason> 
  • /AB.unban user
  • /AB.showbans
  • /AB.resetreports <userid>


  • AB.getreports
  • AB.getbans
  • AB.resetreportsConsole <userid>
  • AB.ban <userid> <reason>
  • AB.unban <userid> <reason>


  • AutoBan.report
  • AutoBan.chatreport
  • AutoBan.viewreports
  • AutoBan.ignore
  • AutoBan.ban
  • AutoBan.unban
  • AutoBan.viewbans 



  "Max reports till user gets banned": 5,
  "Reason given to banned user": "You have been reported too many times, and have been banned for precautionary measures, an admin will review this suspension soon.",
  "Valid reasons *searches subject title and message of the report* ( To make sure report is scanned, add different variations of reason; like cheat, cheater, cheating, cheats, etc. )": [
    "spawn killing"
  "Valid report types": [
  "Scan type of F7 reports": true,
  "Broadcast ban to chat": true,
  "Ignored Players *Steam ID's Only*": {
    "76561198000000000": "Admin"
  "Timer for broadcasting bans to admins and console": 820,
  "Send bans to users with the AutoBan.viewbans permission based on timer ( In-Game )": false,
  "Send reports to URL": false,
  "URL to send reports to": "http://example.com",
  "Send reports to Discord": false,
  "Send bans to Discord": false,
  "Discord Reports Webhook URL": "http://example.com",
  "Discord Bans Webhook URL": "http://example.com",
  "Ban Timer ( In hours or 'permanent' )": "72"


This plugin is a must-have for any server owner looking to keep their servers running smoothly and efficiently. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, AutoBan makes it easy to manage and control player behavior on your server.


  • Currently adding protection for mass reporting as a team
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