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About F15 AirStrike

Adds the ability to call an airstrike, the player throws a supply signal in the place where he wants to call an airstrike.

This plugin uses the default supply signal, but the item skin must be 2982472774. Please use only default stack size for supply signal. This is the only way the plugin will work properly.

Since this is not an item that players can usually get through loot, you can use a plugin like BetterLoot to insert a supply signal with skin 2982472774 into your loot tables, and then that player-picked item can be used as a signal to call an airstrike.

There is also support for the plug-in HomingMissiles

Commands (admin only):

/GiveF15AirStrikeSignal <Player or steamID> <number of items>  - give the player a supply airstrike signal

/adminCallF15 causes an airstrike to a point with the player's coordinates

Developer API:

(void) CallF15AirStrike(Vector3 pos, BasePlayer player) - launch an airstrike on a point with coordinates pos, player - airstrike initiator(null can be specified)





  "Rockets speed": 150,
  "Attack radius": 150,
  "Damage scale (1 = 100%)": 1.0,
  "Rate of fire(number of shots per second)": 2.5,
  "Time to trigger a signal grenade": 3.0,
  "Cooldown time": 1.0,
  "Cooldown message": "You can't call airstrike that often",
  "Grenade throw force scaling": 1.0,
  "Damage to buildings": false,
  "Attack the initiator": true,
  "Attack the players": true,
  "Attack NPCs": true,
  "Attack the place where the signal supply was thrown (attacks only in the area, not aiming at players and NPCs)": false,
  "F15 will only attack at right angles above the center of the impact area (only for area targeting)": false,
  "Attack accuracy (used only when attacking in an area)": 30,
  "Use homing missiles(need HomingMissiles plugin)": false


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