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About Cargo Plane Crash

Adds a cargo plane crash event to your server. The crash site is guarded by NPCs that patrol the area and can chase players.


  • Support for third-party plugins
  • Great customization options in the config

Console commands:

callcargoplane - force the event to start
crashcargoplane - force the event to end

Chat commands(need admin privileges):

showcrashzone - displays the crash area
setcrashzonecenter - set the center of the crash zone to where the player is
callcargoplane - force the event to start
crashcargoplane - force the event to end


CargoPlaneCrash config:

  "Time to event start(in seconds)": 3600.0,
  "Random time to event start": false,
  "Minimum time to event start(in seconds)": 600,
  "Maximum time to event start(in seconds)": 10800,
  "CargoPlane speed(recommended 4 to 6)": 5.0,
  "Crates amount(spawn after crash)": 1,
  "Crates lifetime(in seconds). The crate will not be destroyed if it has been activated": 3600,
  "Airdrops amount(spawn after crash)": 1,
  "Airdrops lifetime(in seconds)": 3600,
  "Fireballs amount(spawn after crash)": 5,
  "Passengers amount(spawn after crash)": 2,
  "Explosion marker on the map(spawn after crash)": true,
  "Explosion marker lifetime(in seconds)": 300,
  "Enable signal smoke(spawn after crash)": true,
  "Signal smoke lifetime(in seconds, max 214)": 214,
  "Map size(crash zone size), you can see the zone, use the chat command /showcrashzone": 4500.0,
  "Starting altitude, defaults to map size, can be increased if cargo plane hits high ground(no more than 10000 recommended)": 4500.0,
  "Crash zone center. Use chat command /setcrashzonecenter to set to player position. You can check crash zone center, use the chat command /showcrashzone": {
    "x": 0.0,
    "y": 0.0,
    "z": 0.0
  "Event message(if empty, no message will be displayed)": "CargoPlane event started",
  "Kit name(you can use kits for passengers if you have Kits plugin)": "",
  "Passenger name": "Mister bot",
  "NPCs amount(spawn after crash)": 2,
  "NPCs lifetime(in seconds)": 3600,
  "NPCs type(NPCs prefab, experimental setting, it is not known how the NPCs will behave) 0 - tunneldweller; 1 - underwaterdweller; 2 - excavator; 3 - full_any; 4 - lr300; 5 - mp5; 6 - pistol; 7 - shotgun; 8 - heavy; 9 - junkpile_pistol; 10 - oilrig; 11 - patrol; 12 - peacekeeper; 13 - roam; 14 - roamtethered; 15 - bandit_guard; 16 - cargo; 17 - cargo_turret_any; 18 - cargo_turret_lr300; 19 - ch47_gunner": 0,
  "NPCs health(0 - default)": 0,
  "NPCs damage multiplier": 1.0,
  "Kit for NPCs. The NPC will use the weapon that is in the first slot of the belt(requires Kits plugin)": "",
  "Prohibit building near the crash site": false,
  "How long construction is prohibited near the crash site(in seconds)": 1800
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