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About Homing Missiles

Adds homing missiles to the server. Just load the rocket launcher with a smoke rocket and aim. Require a smoke rocket to be used as the ammo type!

  • Great damage system, you can set damage for all types of objects (buildings, animals, NPCs, players, trains, boats, helicopters and others)
  • Great crafting system, you can customize the amount of resources needed to craft homing missiles, set the level of the workbench required for crafting
  • You can customize crosshair size and color, aiming time, aiming sound
  • You can set the type of rocket explosion, set rocket speed, self-detonation time and more
  • You can set zones where you cannot use homing missiles, (you need the ZoneManager plugin)

This plugin utilizes the smoke rocket. As it is not a item that players can usually get through loot it makes the perfect placeholder for this purpose.
Simply use a plugin such as BetterLoot to insert the smoke rocket into your loot tables, then any smoke rocket that is picked up by a player can be used as a Homing Missile. Or you can just use the crafting system.

/hmcraft - use to craft homing missiles (if enabled in the config)

/hmcraft X - use to craft multiple homing missiles, where X is the amount of homing missiles

This plugin uses the permission system.


homingmissiles.use - required to use homing missiles

homingmissiles.craft -  required to use the craft command


To assign a permission, use:   oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> homingmissiles.use

To remove a permission, use:   oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> homingmissiles.use


To assign a permission, use:   oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> homingmissiles.craft

To remove a permission, use:   oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> homingmissiles.craft

Developer API:

(void) LaunchHomingMissile(Vector3 launchPosition, Vector3 targetPosition, Vector3 startVelocity, BaseEntity target) 

Launches a homing missile from a point with coordinates "launchPosition" with velocity "startVelocity" (startVelocity can just be a Vector3.zero).

You can set any "targetPosition" value if you have specified a "target". If you set the "target" to null, then the target will be the point with coordinates "targetPosition".



Config file:

  "Rocket display name": "Homing missile",
  "Rocket icon skinID": 3018993457,
  "Allow homing missiles crafting": true,
  "Workbench level required to craft(0-3)": 3,
  "Crafting costs": [
      "shortname": "ammo.rocket.basic",
      "amount": 1
      "shortname": "techparts",
      "amount": 2
  "List of zones where homing missiles cannot be used (requires ZoneManager plugin)": [
  "Make it so that only in these zones you can use homing missiles": false,
  "A message when you are in an area where homing missiles cannot be used": "You can't use homing missiles here",
  "Rocket speed": 50,
  "Rocket acceleration(1 - 10)": 1.0,
  "Amount of time before the rocket self detonates": 20.0,
  "Amount of time to acquire target lock(in seconds)": 1.0,
  "How quickly the target lock is lost if you lose the target(0-1)": 1.0,
  "First crosshair size": 24.0,
  "First crosshair color Red (0-1)": 1.0,
  "First crosshair color Green (0-1)": 0.0,
  "First crosshair color Blue (0-1)": 0.0,
  "Left side of the first crosshair": "<",
  "Right side of the first crosshair": ">",
  "Middle of the first crosshair": "+",
  "Second crosshair size": 24.0,
  "Second crosshair color Red (0-1)": 0.0,
  "Second crosshair color Green (0-1)": 1.0,
  "Second crosshair color Blue (0-1)": 0.0,
  "Second crosshair": "[ + ]",
  "Enable sound effects when aiming": true,
  "Base damage of the rocket(affect everything, including buildings)": 100.0,
  "Damage to players": 100.0,
  "Damage to animals": 500.0,
  "Damage to patrol helicopter": 3500.0,
  "Damage to chinook": 2000.0,
  "Damage to bradleyAPC": 500.0,
  "Damage to submarine": 400.0,
  "Damage to NPCs": 300.0,
  "Damage to snowmobile": 300.0,
  "Damage to boat": 400.0,
  "Damage to modular cars": 400.0,
  "Damage to hot air baloon": 1000.0,
  "Damage to scrap transport helicopter": 500.0,
  "Damage to minicopter": 750.0,
  "Damage to train": 500.0,
  "Explosion type: 1 - basic; 2 - fire; 3 - smoke; 4 - heli; 5 - heli napalm; 6 - heli airburst; 7 - sam; 8 - 40mm_grenade_he; 9 - c4; 10 - f1; 11 - beancan grenade; 12 - satchelcharge; 13 - mlrs": 13,
  "Use homing missiles for building blocks": false,
  "Use homing missiles for constructions": false,
  "Use homing missiles for items": false,
  "Use homing missiles for traps and turrets": false


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