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About Hacker Kit

Adds hacker kit to the server. Just pick up a geiger counter and use it to hack.

Just get close to the crate and hold the left mouse button.

This plugin uses a geiger counter. Since this is not an item that players can usually get through loot, it is perfect for this purpose.
Just use a plugin like BetterLoot to insert a geiger counter into your loot tables and then any geiger counter picked up by the player can be used as a hacker kit.



hackerkit.use - required to use hacker kit


To assign a permission, use:   oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> hackerkit.use

To remove a permission, use:   oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> hackerkit.use

(or just use the permission manager plugin)



Config file:

  "Hack speed": 10,
  "Prohibition message": "You don't have permission to use hackerkit",
  "SFX prefab": "assets/prefabs/gamemodes/objects/capturepoint/effects/capturepoint_progress_beep.prefab"


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