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About Barrel Breaker Event

Adds an exciting event for players to your server. When the event starts, players can get more loot from barrels. The event is easy to configure and can be triggered automatically or by command.

Commands (admin only):

/bbe_start - starts an event

/bbe_stop - starts an event

/bbe_forcestart - force the event to start



  "Autostart event(disable if you want to trigger the event only manually)": true,
  "Minimum time to event start(in seconds)": 900,
  "Maximum time to event start(in seconds)": 10800,
  "Minimum event duration(in seconds)": 300,
  "Maximum event duration(in seconds)": 900,
  "Minimum number of online players to trigger an event": 1,
  "Pre-event message": "Barrel breaker event will start in a minute",
  "Pre-event message time(in seconds)": 60,
  "Event message": "The barrel breaker event has begun, go and break all the barrels!",
  "End event message": "Barrel breaker event ended",
  "Items list": [
      "prefabName": "scrap",
      "dropChance": 100,
      "min": 2,
      "max": 2
      "prefabName": "metal.fragments",
      "dropChance": 0,
      "min": 1,
      "max": 100


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