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Mercenary Ranks 0.2.5

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Feel free to join the Discord for quicker support, requests and more 🙂 


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If anyone has issues with the old image links being broken, can paste these links over your config


  "UI Base Icon": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/vz60n3lvqekn9abj5vywg/mriconbase2.png?rlkey=aqq27j36kyz6vi9qtmdth5bdm&dl=1",
  "UI Max Rank Icon": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/99jg9ztca9qpcui8mf4kn/mriconmax2.png?rlkey=qlp7bxy28gg1c7h56x5sbz2fr&dl=1",
  "Rank Up Background": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/7z4icxe54kigytu4fmbgv/Untitled.png?rlkey=yguxnrqxmgri5gyrkrdszg7il&dl=1",
  "Rank Up Main Image": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ugd5b9x02d0bzg7spfh4q/mriconmax256.png?rlkey=k7o841nyzu66hrcwrmpd920c9&dl=1",
  "Rank Up Text Banner": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/i9jie4ueo69krotb4pnak/Rank-Up-Blue.png?rlkey=ikpj0vbfd1ibpz1ehjg9s5i45&dl=1",

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About Mercenary Ranks

Reward your players based on a "XP"  (Per Kill System)

UI Elements can be disabled in config, ImageLibrary Isn't needed.

You can configure how many levels, and how many kills per level to grant your players a "Rank Up"

Messages show to chat that players have increased their Rank level upon Completion.

Pay your players via Economics, Server Rewards, Items / Customized Items, And even Commands.

Log Rank Ups to Discord.

Using the rank system needs the use permission.

Receiving items needs the items permission, and to receive commands needs the commands permission.


Payout is as followed. 

Rank 1 , receives a payout of 1k if you set 1k as base pay grade.

Rank 2 receives a payout of 2k,  so on and so forth.

Paygrade percentage bonus is for VIP permission holders. 


Rank Setup

When setting up Ranks, Be sure to have unique keys in incrementing values on the way up the ladder, Do not , for example set,  Rank 1-20 1 kill each, as the player will shoot straight to the last rank.

Increment like i have it in the config example.


There are fields in config where you can personalize your Base Icon, Max Rank Icon, Rank Up BG, Rank Up Image, And Rank Up Text Banner.

Doing this would take a bit of image editing software skills. In the config below I paste in The Alternate Theme I used in the screenshots.

You can Download the file links in config, and use the dimensions to make your own, It may take a bit of work but it is possible 🙂

If anyone needs help and needs a custom theme setup, feel free to message me on Discord - WrecksOnTheBeat


Command Setup

Target your player that ranks up with the {id} for the tag when running a command, ill also show you in config how to do this.




/topmercs - will print to the executor the top 5 merc ranks on the server

/wiperank "playername" - wipes data for that specific player

/mrwipe - will wipe data for everyone

/myrank - will display current rank if ranked, and how many kills to hit the next rank

/rankui - will display a UI with current rank in left hand corner (Custom Pos settings coming soon) Needs Use Perm

Data clear commands need the admin perm. 


UI Demo

Toggleable Merc Rank Counter, When the player reaches the Max Rank Defined in Config, The Skull goes Red to show they are at Max.

Rank up Will pop up and Fade away on level up.



Video Demo





  "RankUp": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] <color=#20f0a0>{0}</color> has reached Mercenary Level <color=#20f0a0>{1}</color>",
  "RankCheck": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] Your current Rank: <color=#20f0a0>{0}</color> \nTo rank up, Confirm <color=#20f0a0>{1}</color> Kill(s).",
  "NoRank": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] You are currently <color=#5ccdcd>Unranked</color>, in order to Rank Up, Confirm <color=#cd5c5c>{0}</color> Kill(s).",
  "RankMax": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] Your <color=#20f0a0>Rank</color> is at the highest Tier, Outstanding!",
  "PayoutEco": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Payout</color>] Payment in the form of <color=#bb9b65>$</color><color=#85bb65>{0}</color> has been credited to your account.",
  "PayoutSR": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Payout</color>] Payment in the form of <color=#5ccdcd>{0}</color> <color=#cd5c5c>RP</color> has been credited to your account.",
  "WipeData": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] <color=#5ccdcd>All</color> Player Data has been <color=#cd5c5c>Wiped</color>.",
  "WipePlayer": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] Player Data has been wiped for <color=#cd5c5c>{0}</color>.",
  "WipeFail": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] Player Data not found.",
  "NoPerms": "[<color=#939393>Mercenary Ranks</color>] You do not have the <color=#5ccdcd>Clearance</color> to run this <color=#cd5c5c>Command</color>."




  "Discord Webhook URL": "INSERT_WEBHOOK_URL_HERE"
  "UI Location (top right, top center, top left | left center, right center | bottom left)": "bottom left",
  "UI Base Icon": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/vz60n3lvqekn9abj5vywg/mriconbase2.png?rlkey=aqq27j36kyz6vi9qtmdth5bdm&dl=1",
  "UI Max Rank Icon": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/99jg9ztca9qpcui8mf4kn/mriconmax2.png?rlkey=qlp7bxy28gg1c7h56x5sbz2fr&dl=1",
  "Rank Up Background": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/7z4icxe54kigytu4fmbgv/Untitled.png?rlkey=yguxnrqxmgri5gyrkrdszg7il&dl=1",
  "Rank Up Main Image": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ugd5b9x02d0bzg7spfh4q/mriconmax256.png?rlkey=k7o841nyzu66hrcwrmpd920c9&dl=1",
  "Rank Up Text Banner": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/i9jie4ueo69krotb4pnak/Rank-Up-Blue.png?rlkey=ikpj0vbfd1ibpz1ehjg9s5i45&dl=1",
  "Rank Up SFX": "assets/prefabs/deployable/dropbox/effects/submit_items.prefab",
  "Economics Payout SFX": "assets/prefabs/misc/halloween/lootbag/effects/gold_open.prefab",
  "Server Rewards Payout SFX": "assets/prefabs/misc/halloween/lootbag/effects/gold_open.prefab",
  "Economics Enabled?": true,
  "Economics Payout Amount": 2000,
  "Server Rewards Enabled?": true,
  "Server Rewards Payout Amount": 1000,
  "Payout Bonus Per Level (%) (On top of PayGrade Increase)": 0,
  "Register Animal Kills Towards Rank?": false,
  "Clear Ranks on Wipe?": true,
  "Kills Required Per Level": {
    "1": 1,
    "2": 2,
    "3": 3,
    "4": 4,
    "5": 5,
    "6": 6,
    "7": 7,
    "8": 8,
    "9": 9,
    "10": 10,
    "11": 11,
    "12": 12,
    "13": 13,
    "14": 14,
    "15": 15,
    "16": 16,
    "17": 17,
    "18": 18,
    "19": 19,
    "20": 20
  "Enable Global Rank Up Messages?": false,
  "Enable Rank Up UI?": true,
  "Enable Rank Rewards?": true,
  "Rank Rewards": [
      "Rank": 1,
      "Name": "Rank 1 Bonus",
      "Amount": 200,
      "SkinId": 3027539724,
      "ShortName": "scrap"
      "Rank": 2,
      "Name": "Semtex",
      "Amount": 3,
      "SkinId": 3031605679,
      "ShortName": "grenade.f1"
  "Enable Rank Commands?": true,
  "Rank Commands": [
      "Rank": 1,
      "Commands": [
        "givespitemto {id} 1 2863539914 Tome of Skill Points"
      "Rank": 2,
      "Commands": [
        "inventory.giveto {id} wood 300"


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