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Heavy Oil Rig Event 1.0.3

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About Heavy Oil Rig Event

Heavy Oil Rig Event is a configurable plugin that allows for a new type of random event. Randomly a message will appear letting players know that there is a heavy oil rig being formed.

The Oil Rig will then be equipped with extra scientists, auto turrets, and a Bradley. Players must try to clear the oil rig and find the scientist who drops the code to disable the auto turrets OR destroy all the turrets. If the code is found, it can be entered into the code lock on the second to highest floor to disable the turrets. Once the turrets and scientists are dealt with, players must defeat the Bradley which guards the hackable crates. Finally, once the Bradley is defeated, players can collect all the loot. That's if someone else doesn't get to it first!

This is a great event to add to your server to give it a little more variety. It can be a fun PVP zone or a PVE event for non PVP servers. 



You can simple drop the plugin in as-is and it will start the random event every 1 to 2 hours OR you can modify the config to your specific needs.



Example - en

Admin Only Commands






Spawn locations as well as the total number turrets, scientists, hackable crates,  & APCbradleys can be modified. Simply go to the location in game you want to place the new item and use the command /HoPOS. It will message you the location. You can the add that location to the config in the appropriate section for want you want to modify. Reload the plugin and you're good to go!


Discord: Cahnu#5653

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