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Heli Crash Event 1.1.5

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About Heli Crash Event

Heli Crash Event is a configurable plugin that allows for a new type of random event. Randomly a malfunctioning heli will spawn and crash somewhere on the map after a short period of time. Notifications will broadcast in chat giving players a heads-up that it’s malfunctioning and might crash after a period of time. Once the heli crashes, players can race to the loot and secure the crash site until the flames go out. Npcs can optionally be spawned at the crash site to guard the loot. This is a great PVP event for servers that have set PVP areas or can simply be a new type of event to add to your server.



You can simple drop the plugin in as-is and it will start the random event every 30min to 90min OR you can modify the config to change how often it should occur and/or how long until the heli crashes.


Admin Only Commands:

/HeliCrashStart - Will manually start the event regardless of minimum of player threshold.

/HeliCrashStop - Will despawn the heli for the current event. (If it's crashed already it will not despawn loot crates)


Configuration Options:
  "Maximum time between events(minutes):": 90,
  "Minimum time between events(minutes):": 30
 "How long until Heli should crash after first notification(minutes):": 1,
 "Minimum number of players to start event:": 4, --- added in version 1.0.1



Discord: cahnu

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