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About HuntsMan

When hunting and the Huntsman catches you killing Game outside hunting season it will come after you

Optional dependencies :

  • Rustkits
  • BetterNpcNames
  • BotReSpawn NEW

Features :

  • A set chance spawning a HuntsMan when hunting for Game (animals) (any value between 0-1)
  • Can assign a kit or a hardcoded outfit.
  • Compatible with NPCKits (NPCKits will not override Huntsman NPC outfits/kits)
  • Setup roam/spawn/damage and health of the HuntsMan.
  • Options to make the Hunter drop his backpack (loottable included)
  • Compatible with the ChickenBow plugin to disable a huntsman spawning when killing those chickens(make sure to reload ChickenBow after updating HuntsMan)
  • Edit each animal to be able to trigger the HuntsMan true/false
  • Support for BasePet's like Frankenstein so they can trigger huntsman aswell for their backpack drops
  • Support for BotReSpawn to use a custom made profile to spawn the HuntsMan (> v1.3.3) NEW

Permissions :

no permissions

Commands :

  • /hminfo : Shows plugin info/version/author

Configuration :

  • To make a item spawn as a blueprint add .bp behind the shortname (for example ammo.pistol.bp)

When using BotReSpawn to spawn the Huntsman :

  • It will use all settings from the custom profile that is made with BotReSpawn (Data Folder)
    spawn range , max roam ,HP  etc. etc.
  • In the BRS profile set the suicide timer high so that HuntsMan.cs can set the suicides (Lifetime)
  • The name of the npc will be named by HuntsMan.cs so you can name it in BRS as a placeholder
  • Profile name to be used is best to avoid spaces and Uppercase in the name


  "Use Debug": false,
  "BotRespawn Settings": {
    "Use BotReSpawn": false,
    "BotReSpawn profile name": "huntsman"
  "Animals to trigger HuntsMan": {
    "Alpha Animal": false,
    "Omega Animal": true,
    "Bear": true,
    "Boar": true,
    "Chicken": true,
    "Horse": true,
    "Stag": true,
    "Wolf": true
  "Hunter Settings": {
    "Custom Hunter Name": "Hunter",
    "spawn chance (1-100%)": 100.0,
    "Spawn Amount": 3,
    "spawn radius": 8,
    "Health": 225,
    "Max Roam Distance": 10,
    "Damage multiplier": 0.6,
    "Lifetime (minutes)": 1.0,
    "Use kit (clothing)": true,
    "Kit ID": [
    "Show messages": true,
    "Hunters drop a Backpack with loot": true,
    "Use Random Skins": true,
    "Spawn Min Amount Items": 2,
    "Spawn Max Amount Items": 3,
    "Loot Table": [
        "shortname": "ammo.pistol",
        "amount": 5,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 5
        "shortname": "ammo.pistol.fire",
        "amount": 5,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 5
        "shortname": "ammo.pistol.hv",
        "amount": 5,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 5

Localisation :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "Prefix": "[<color=green>HuntsMan</color>] : ",
  "info": "\nThe [HuntsMan] Gives u the luck (or not) to spawn a Hunter that wants to kill you for killing Wild Game during offseason",
  "Hunter_Spawned": "You killed the {0} now pay the price !!!!",
  "Hunter_Spawned_Backpack": "{0} Dropped his Backpack !"


bool IsHuntsmanNpc(global::HumanNPC npc)
void OnHuntsmanSpawned(global::HumanNPC npc)
void OnHuntsmanKilled(global::HumanNPC npc)

Example call :

object OnEntityDeath(global::HumanNPC npc, HitInfo info)
  if (npc == null) return null;
  if (HuntsMan.Call<bool>("IsHuntsmanNpc", npc))
    	Puts($"Target : {npc} net.ID : [{npc.net.ID}] Event : HuntsMan NPC");
    return null;

void OnHuntsmanSpawned(global::HumanNPC npc)
  if (npc == null) return;
  timer.Once(1f, () => { Puts($"{npc} spawned (HuntsMan)"); });//delayed to make sure npc is fully initialised

void OnHuntsmanKilled(global::HumanNPC npc)
  if (npc == null) return;
  Puts($"{npc} got killed (HuntsMan)");


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