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About Donation Webstore

This plugin connects your https://tip4serv.com/ store to your Rust Oxide server. It checks if a player has made a donation on your Tip4Serv store and delivers the order in a minute (group, inventory item...) by typing commands in the server console.


  • Rust 
  • Garry's Mod
  • FiveM
  • Minecraft
  • Discord
  • ARK
  • and more

HMAC authentication

Tip4serv adds a layer of security using HMAC authentication to communicate. It is a strong authentication method that is used by banks HMAC WIKI

Features for starter plan (only 5% fee)

  • Unlimited game servers & commands
  • Create subscriptions plan
  • Commands status tracking
  • Stock management
  • Deliver roles & messages on Discord
  • Easily offer a product to a friend
  • Create discount coupon
  • Add managers for your store
  • Purchase email and invoice
  • Sales statistics
  • Private flow for subscribers
  • Custom sub-domain
  • Resend commands
  • Fast delivery of orders (less than 5 minutes)
  • No ads

Features for PRO members (subscription required)

  • Dynamic Dark/Light theme
  • Account linking with avatars
  • Product page with gallery & video
  • GUI colors editor & additional CSS
  • Top customers & related products

Store available in 15 languages

English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Several payment methods

Here are the payment methods you can offer your players: Card, Paypal, Venmo, Google Pay, Ideal, Giropay, Bancontact, Sofort, My Bank, Sepa, EPS, BACS, Multibanco, BECS, Przelexy24, BOLETO, OXXO, Mercado Pago.

Installation via Plugin 

  1. Open an account at https://tip4serv.com/, follow the instructions and add a Rust server.
  2. Drag and drop tip4serv.cs into the oxide plugins directory on your Rust server
  3. Reload the plugin by typing oxide.reload Tip4serv in your Rust server console.
  4. Set key to your tip4serv API key in the config file tip4serv.json.
  5. Reload plugin by typing oxide.reload Tip4serv in console.
  6. You should get this message: Server has been successfully connected

Installation via RCON

  1. Open an account at https://tip4serv.com/, follow the instructions and add a Rust server.
  2. Enter your server IP  
  3. Enter your server RCON port
  4. Enter your server RCON password
  5. You should get this message: Server has been successfully connected

Setting up commands on Tip4Serv

Before setting up your commands on Tip4serv.com, you should know that command work in your server's console (not ingame as an admin).

Here are some sample commands you can use in the products configuration: MY PRODUCTS. But you can use any plugin commands you want.

Give a group or permission

Add a player to a group previously created with oxide.group add [group-name]:

oxide.usergroup add {steam_id} group-name

Remove a player from a group:

oxide.usergroup remove {steam_id} group-name

Give a permission to a player:

oxide.grant user {steam_id} permission-name

Remove a permission from a player:

oxide.revoke user {steam_id} permission-name

Give an item to a player inventory with steam_id (advised)

IMPORTANT: Please select the option [Player must be online] in your product editor

inventory.giveto {steam_id} item-short-name quantity

Example: inventory.giveto {steam_id} scientist 5

Give an item to a player inventory with Give plugin

IMPORTANT: Please select the option [Player must be online] in your product editor

giveto {steam_id} item-short-name quantity

Example: giveto {steam_id} fun.guitar 1

Give a kit to a player with Give plugin:

givekitto {steam_id} kit-name

Give money

Give money to a player with Economics plugin:

deposit {steam_id} amount

Give points

Give points to a player with Server Rewards plugin:

sr add {rust_username} amount

Quantity multiplier

You can also multiply the quantity choosen by the customer like this: {quantity*50}

Note: You must first activate the **Allow quantity choice** option in your product.

Use this command on Tip4serv if you want to sell bundles of $200 with economics plugin:

deposit {steam_id} {quantity*200}

This will run in your server console after a purchase if the player buys product 4 times:

deposit 76561198181797231 800

Store examples 



uMod Link


Need Help ?

Read the Tip4Serv documentation here https://docs.tip4serv.com

Any issues feel free to contact us here https://tip4serv.com/contact


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