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About Clash Royal

This map has been recreated to play the legendary Clash Royal game, it can be used for streamers or small community.

It offers plenty of space for two large teams, the event can be carried out in various ways, either the last team standing wins or the one with the most deaths within a period of time, that will depend on the organizer's imagination.

It does not have vanilla monuments since it is an arena but it does created custom structures to decorate the arena, it has a river that divides the terrain between two factions/teams, if you fall into the river you are sure to die, each zone has an assigned construction site big enough for several big teams, just start On the map there will be a spawn zone that is located in the center of the game board, once the administrators have made the teams they will have to make tp by teams to their designated zones.


- The password is in the download file and with the conditions of use of the same.

- Map size 1k

- For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by discord or for this same platform.

- Discordzeroabsoluto_273

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