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About Space Shuttle

Vehicle used by NASA for space exploration began to be used in 1981 to 2011, from the Kennedy Space Center, currently no longer used, its last mission to Atlantis on July 21, 2011.

The first shuttle, Enterprise, was built for approach and landing tests and had no orbital capability. The name of this Shuttle comes from the spaceship of the same name from the science fiction series Star Trek.

It is a good complement for a map that uses the plugins that contain space themes, for example sputnik, space etc...


The Asset, having no layers, can be easily placed anywhere/monument.


Prefab: 600 more or less.


Description of the content of the Prefab

-.1 Blue access door.
-.2 Red access doors.
-.1 Hackable box
-.2 Crate elite
-.3 Bot juggernaut
-.4 Scientific Bots


For any questions or personalized modifications after the purchase, do not hesitate to contact me on Discord: zeroabsoluto_273

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