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Dungeons and Dragons

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About Dungeons and Dragons


I present to you my new creation, it offers everything of a vanilla procedural map and apart from a whole fantasy world with dungeons and puzzles that make you and your team have to work as a team to overcome the different tests.

and apart from some fantasy of castles with dungeons.
It is as optimized as possible since many of the decorations that Rust

has cause drops in Fps so they have not been placed on this map.

The map has four dungeons of which three are of different levels and the fourth is a dungeon on an island in the sky.


The map can be edited.


Size: 4500

Prefabs: 22K


-Armored Train
-Raidable Bases
-Satellite Dish Event
-Survival Arena
-Airfield Event
-Boss Monster

Monuments vanilla

-Gas station 2

-Mining outpost 2

-Supermarket 2

-Underwatwr lab 1

-Artic base 1

-Dome 1

-Sewer branch 1

-Large barn 1

-Lighthouse 2

-Power plant 1

-Junker yard 1

-Outpost 1

-Bandit camp 1

-Lunch site 1

-Water plant 1

-Train yard 1

-Harbor 1

-Satelite dish 1

-Gigant excavator 1

-Tunel military 1

-Airfield 1

-Stone quarry 1

-Sulfur quarry 2

-HQM quarry 1

-Abandoned military base 1

-Fishing village 3 

-Oilrig big 1

-Oilrig small 1


Monuments Custom

-Castle of blood

-Dragon tomb


-Flying island

-Dungeon tree

-TP (market with the X on map) you can use the Portal or Custom portal plugin.


Find out about the use in readme, if you find any error, do not hesitate to contact me, zeroabsoluto_273






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