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About Jaded Island



Map size 3000

Introducing a unique and immersive custom map for Rust, designed with a focus on the captivating Forest.

This sprawling landscape features an encompassing expanse of deep, dense forest, creating an atmospheric setting like no other.

Embark on your adventures within this enchanting environment, where you'll encounter four meticulously crafted custom monuments that are sure to pique your interest.

map has 4 custom monuments "Cruise Ship"  "Death Train" , "Haunted House" , "Subway (bypass's PVP zone)".


9 Rooms


Newer style elevators

Swimming Pool

Roof top heli pad

Junk Town
No cards required for this monument
Regular crates & Military crates & Elite crates

Working scrappers with 6 snowmobile & 2 Cranes

50 Scrap per shredding


This monument has a puzzle that requires a red card.

10 Elite Crates (Custom Loot Table)

12+ NPC's patrolling the grounds

2 Vending machines (Custom Loot Table)

4 Automated Trains that circle the monument (Aim Training)

Haunted House

This monument has a Blue card puzzle.

10+ Zombie NPC's patrolling the grounds

4 Elite Crates

Can you figure out how to get inside the house?

Can you figure out how to leave now?

Hidden loot room?


Want a way to cross the PVP zone without risking your precious loot?

2 Automated Trains

10+ NPC's that are not so friendly

FacePunch Monuments

Missile Silo

Launch Site

Military Tunnel

Power Plant

Air feild

2x Oxums Gas Stations

2x Abandoned Supermarkets

Train Yard

2x Large Fishing Village

Small Fishing Village

Bandit Camp



Configuration files for the workcart plugin included.

After purchasing you are free to edit the map password included. Map may not be resold privately or commercially.


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