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ServerUpkeep - Compatible with Tebex | Tip4Serv | PayNow. 1.0.0

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Message added by RustFlash,

Nice that you are interested in my plugins.
I have to inform you that I will not be able to offer support until the end of July because I will be travelling around Asia.
I hope that nothing will be broken by ForceWipes. Currently all my plugins are running without problems.
If you want general information, support or want to be up to date, feel free to visit my Discord!

Thanks for your understanding

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About ServerUpkeep - Compatible with Tebex | Tip4Serv | PayNow.

The ServerUpkeep plugin is a handy tool for Rust server owners. This way they can keep their community alive and better cover the costs of running them. Show your players how your server is doing. ServerUpkeep allows administrators to set a default retention period and notify players when the retention time expires. The plugin provides a visual representation and shows the number of days remaining. Administrators also have the ability to extend the ukeep duration if necessary with a simple console command.
The plugin is compatible with Tebex, Tip4Serv and also for PayNow.
Decide for yourself how many days ServerUpkeep will be credited.



What happens if the ServerUpkeep is not enough and the timer falls to 0?
- Then the server will be shut down automatically.
- You can then make an announcement on Discord or wherever to ask for support.

Instructions for use:
Simply enter the following in your shop under send command and adjust the days to be credited once the purchase has been completed, depending on the customer's purchase package.

upkeep.add [days] 

You can also subtract days by simply putting the minus operator in front of it:

upkeep.add -[days] 


     „DefaultDays“: 7,
     „NextUpkeepTime“: „25.02.2024 21:56:32“

DefaultDays are the days when the plugin is activated to prevent the server from shutting down again immediately after booting.

NextUpkeepTime: Is required to calculate the remaining days. The time specification has no direct use yet but will be required for future updates.


**load, run, enjoy** 💝


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