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List your server on GamesFinder.net and get more players and visibility!

Need help or have questions ? Join the discord https://discord.gg/Nbk6eEys2D

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About GFVoter

GFVoter it's a voting rewards system for Rust servers listed on GamesFinder.net.

 It's designed to reward players for voting for your server/s on gamesfinder.net and players earn points by doing so which they can then redeem for in-game rewards. 

What is GamesFinder.net? It's a new platform designed for server owners to list and describe their servers better with more options and gives the players the ability to search for a server easier tailored to their needs and get rewards by voting the server.


  • Vote Tracking: Players can vote for the server on the website, and their votes are tracked.
  • Rewards: Players can exchange their accumulated points for rewards. Rewards can be items and executed commands or kits.
  • Cooldown Management: Ensures players can't spam vote claims by implementing a cooldown system.
  • Vote Verification: Checks if a player has voted and then claims their reward via the API.
  • Custom Commands: Players can check their points, claim rewards, or view available rewards through chat commands.
  • Discord Integration: Option to send notifications to a Discord server when a vote is made or a reward is claimed.

Commands : 

gfvote "Amount" "PlayerName or SteamID" : Allows admins to manually add points to players (Console Command).

/claimpoint or /clp : Used by players to claim their voting points.

/rewardlist or /rl : Displays available rewards to players.

/claimreward or /cr : Players use this to claim a specific reward.
/checkpoints or /checkp : Check the amount of points earned

Config Example :

  "Use discord webhook at vote": true,
  "Use discord webhook at claim": true,
  "Discord webhook": "Your discord server webhook",
  "Chat command to claim reward point": [
  "Chat command for check rewards": [
  "Chat command for get reward": [
  "Chat commands for checking points": [
  "GamesFinder API": "Your API from gamesfinder.net",
  "Rewards": {
    "economics": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": "x50 Economics",
      "NeedPoints": 3,
      "Type": 1,
      "Item": null,
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": "deposit %STEAMID% 50"
    "group": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": "x1 Group 'Member'",
      "NeedPoints": 10,
      "Type": 1,
      "Item": null,
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": "oxide.grant user %STEAMID% (Permission)"
    "sr": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": "x10 ServerRewards",
      "NeedPoints": 2,
      "Type": 1,
      "Item": null,
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": "sr add %STEAMID% 10"
    "wood": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": null,
      "NeedPoints": 1,
      "Type": 0,
      "Item": {
        "Shortname": "wood",
        "Amount": 1000,
        "SkinID": 0
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": null
  "Reminder message": "Hey! Don't forget to vote for our server on gamesfinder.net and claim your points.",
  "Reminder interval minutes": 15


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