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Monsters Land (map size 4000k+5000k) 1.1.2

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About Monsters Land (map size 4000k+5000k)

Hello everyone, I present to your attention a new scary map. The map is suitable for all types of PVE, PVP servers. The set includes 2 map sizes, 4000k and 5000k. A lot of flat planes for your favorite plugins, as well as all Facepunch monuments are present on the maps, where you can also hold events, I took into account most of your desires and embodied them in this work.

The style of this map will immerse you in an atmosphere of horror. The locations are made in the style of the most creepy horror films, these documents contain zombies wandering in the twilight and fog. Also, custom monuments are guarded by huge monsters, in some monsters you can build a small base. Also, at the request of the server owners, rivers and fresh lakes have been added, as well as custom places for building bases.

Custom monuments:
 ☣Railway depot (Large Monument)
 ☣Fish Farm (Large Monument)
 ☣Old Sawmill (Large Monument)
 ☣Sinister Church (Large Monument)
 ☣Abandoned Mines (Large Monument)
 ☣Last Height (Medium Monument)
 ☣Old Gas Station (Small Monument)
 ☣Old Warehouse (Small Monument)
 ☣Mini Command Center (Small Monument on Barge)
 ☣Auto Barge (Small Monument on Barge)
 ☣Water Post (Small Monument on Barge)
 ☣Junk Camp (Small Monument on Barge)
 ☣Kvakazyabra (Big Monster)
 ☣Creeping Pumpkin (Big Monster)
 ☣Terrible Spider (Big Monster)
 ☣Skeleton of a giant (Build Base)
 ☣Gargoyle (Monster)
 ☣Lots of places to build bases, inside monsters, on the ground, under water

Monuments of FP:
– Outpost
– Bandit Camp
– Power Plant
– Water Treatment Plant
– Train Yard
– Launch Site
– Satellite Dish
– Airfield
– Big Excavator Pit
– Harbor
– The Dome
– Oilrig
– Underground tunnels
– Lighthouse
– Quarry
– Fishing village
– Underwater Laboratory

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