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  • Unreal Tournament 2004 Arena remake: Idoma By ΝΞΜΞΣΙΣ

    • $9.99 $5.00
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    Behold the remake of the iconic UT2k4 map: Idoma! This arena is a direct remake of the map from Unreal Tournament 2004 and will be the first of a series of maps I’ll release to really spice up that arena gameplay in Rust. Fight it out 1v1 or as a team in a very Industrial looking close quarters map best suitable for up to 4 players. The whole interior was designed in an attempt to bring back the vibes of what was one of the best shooters of its time.   Commissions: To help pr
  • BioSphere World - Custom Map by Niko By Niko

    Originally conceived as a way to bring rust back to its survival roots it has now been modified to include some standard monuments, the story elements curtailed, the radiation and extra mechanics removed and the world opened up for general play. You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities MEGACITY ONE, main living dome ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, domed city two MUSHROOM CITY, multiple smaller linked domes for growing st
  • Car service By c0ini

    • $7.90
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    Probably the best car service in the wasteland! Stop by to fix the car, buy new parts or body parts. There is a working lift at the station, on the second floor there is a recreation area with a kiosk where you can buy food. Enjoy it for you and your players!
  • PhoneCore By MikeHawke

    PhoneCore is a Grand Theft Auto Style GUI that is easy to setup and customise. UPDATE? Go To Bottom PhoneCore is a zip file with 4 variations to the code, images and psd/afphoto allowing you all the options you could think of. Code included is a 2x3 Phone, 3x4 phone and now 2x3 with 4 pages and 3x4 with 4 pages! Fire off any command that would usually be used with a "/" via this tasty little ui (e.g. /kits /backpack /dis)   Configuration Configuration

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