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Skin Spray 1.2.9

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About Skin Spray


Reskin entities with the spraycan toss items on the ground and Re-Skin them, And allow players to tag some walls see video below.

Player still can use his steam skins he owns.


  "Settings": {
    "Use Permission": "skinspray.use",
    "Total Skins Per Item To Download": 24,
    "Allow non-approved skins to download": false,
    "Item Display Name / Steam Item WorkShop Name": {
      "Baseball Cap": "cap",
      "Beenie Hat": "Beenie Hat",
      "Boonie Hat": "Boonie Hat",
      "Improvised Balaclava": "balaclava",
      "Waterpipe Shotgun": "Waterpipe Shotgun",
      "Rug Bear Skin": "Bearskin Rug",
      "Bolt Action Rifle": "Bolt Rifle",
      "Bandana Mask": "bandana",
      "Hide Vest": "Hide Shirt",
      "Snow Jacket": "Snow Jacket",
      "Bucket Helmet": "Bucket Helmet",
      "Semi-Automatic Pistol": "Semi-Automatic Pistol",
      "Road Sign Jacket": "Roadsign Vest",
      "Burlap Trousers": "Burlap Pants",
      "Shirt": "Collared Shirt",
      "MP5A4": "mp5",
      "Salvaged Sword": "sword",
      "Boots": "Work Boots",
      "Jacket": "Vagabond Jacket",
      "Hide Boots": "Hide Shoes",
      "Bone Helmet": "Deer Skull Mask",
      "Miners Hat": "Miner Hat",
      "LR-300 Assault Rifle": "lr300",
      "Leather Gloves": "Leather Gloves",
      "Python Revolver": "python",
      "M39 Rifle": "m39",
      "L96 Rifle": "l96",
      "Wood Double Door": "Wooden Double Door",
      "Large Wood Box": "Large Wood Box",
      "Armored Door": "Armored Door",
      "Armored Double Door": "Armored Double Door",
      "Chair": "Chair",
      "Concrete Barricade": "Concrete Barricade",
      "Fridge": "Fridge",
      "Furnace": "Furnace",
      "Garage Door": "Garage Door",
      "Locker": "Locker",
      "Sandbag Barricade": "Sandbag Barricade",
      "Sheet Metal Door": "Sheet Metal Door",
      "Sheet Metal Double Door": "Sheet Metal Double Door",
      "Sleeping Bag": "Sleeping Bag",
      "Vending Machine": "Vending Machine",
      "Wooden Double Door": "Wooden Double Door",
      "Wooden Door": "Wooden Door",
      "Wood Storage Box": "Wood Storage Box",
      "Assault Rifle": "AK47",
      "Rug": "Rug"
    "Ulong BlackList": [],
    "string BlackList Title Words": ["myword", "word2"]
  "SkinBox Plugin Support": {},
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 2,
    "Patch": 3



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