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About Team Announce

GUI and sound announcements to online players who has teammates. Announcements about teammates who have connected, disconnected, been injured or killed while sleeping. Also, announcements from the team leader, in Team chat channel using "!" as a first char.

Default config file:

  "Team Announce Enabled": true,
  "Sound Announce Enabled": true,
  "Announce from Leader Enabled": true,
  "Announce ImageLibrary Counter Check": 5,
  "Announce Wounded Distance": 100.0,
  "Announce Wounded Scream Distance": 50.0,
  "Announce Text Font": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf",
  "Announce Duration": 6.0,
  "Announce Text FadeIn": 1.0,
  "Announce Text FadeOut": 1.0,
  "Announce Background Transparency": 0.8,
  "Maximum Player Name Length": 16,
  "Default Background Color": "0.1 0.1 0.1",
  "Default Font Color": "1 1 1",
  "Unknown Killer Name": "Unknown",
  "Announce Connected Icon Url": "https://i.imgur.com/c4ybWIr.png",
  "Announce Disconnected Icon Url": "https://i.imgur.com/c4ybWIr.png",
  "Announce Leader Announce Icon Url": "https://i.imgur.com/UbLvxQA.png",
  "Announce Wounded Icon Url": "https://i.imgur.com/No2WsNe.png",
  "Announce Dead Icon Url": "https://i.imgur.com/gwk73Tk.png",
  "Announce Banned Icon Url": "https://i.imgur.com/8WsmOMo.png",
  "Announce Sound Prefab Name": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/invite_notice.prefab",
  "Dictionary of announce colors": {
    "BackgroundConnected": "0.31 0.38 0.2",
    "FontConnected": "0.55 0.73 0.26",
    "BackgroundDisconnected": "0.75 0.23 0.15",
    "FontDisconnected": "1 0.82 0.45",
    "BackgroundLeader": "0.13 0.4 0.6",
    "FontLeader": "0.51 0.78 0.96",
    "BackgroundWounded": "1 0.76 0.1",
    "FontWounded": "1 0.96 0.3",
    "BackgroundDead": "1 0.76 0.1",
    "FontDead": "1 0.96 0.3",
    "BackgroundBanned": "0.75 0.23 0.15",
    "FontBanned": "1 0.82 0.45"
  "Dictionary of announce sounds": {
    "SoundConnected": "assets/prefabs/npc/scientist/sound/chatter.prefab",
    "SoundDisconnected": "assets/prefabs/npc/scientist/sound/death.prefab",
    "SoundLeaderAnnounce": "assets/prefabs/npc/scientist/sound/aggro.prefab",
    "SoundWoundedScreamDistance": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/player/beartrap_scream.prefab",
    "SoundWoundedDistance": "assets/prefabs/npc/scientist/sound/takecover.prefab",
    "SoundWoundedGrid": "assets/prefabs/npc/scientist/sound/takecover.prefab",
    "SoundDead": "assets/prefabs/npc/scientist/sound/responddeath.prefab",
    "SoundBanned": "assets/prefabs/missions/effects/mission_failed.prefab"
  "Dictionary of Prefab names": {
    "bear": "Bear",
    "polarbear": "PolarBear",
    "wolf": "Wolf",
    "stag": "Stag",
    "boar": "Boar",
    "chicken": "Chicken",
    "horse": "Horse",
    "simpleshark": "Shark",
    "patrolhelicopter": "Patrol Heli",
    "scientistnpc_arena": "Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_cargo": "Cargo Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_any": "Cargo Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_cargo_turret_lr300": "Cargo Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_ch47_gunner": "Chinook Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_excavator": "Excavator Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_full_any": "Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_full_lr300": "Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_full_mp5": "Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_full_pistol": "Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_full_shotgun": "Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_heavy": "Heavy Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_junkpile_pistol": "Road Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_oilrig": "Oilrig Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_patrol": "Patrol Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_peacekeeper": "Peacekeeper Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_roam": "Roam Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_roam_nvg_variant": "Roam NVG Scientist",
    "scientistnpc_roamtethered": "Roam Scientist"


[bool]Team Announce Enabled - Set to true to enable plugin functionality. Or false to disable.

[bool]Sound Announce Enabled - Set to true to enable Sound Effect. Or false to disable.

[bool]Announce from Leader Enabled - Should leaders of teams be allowed to create announcements? Team leaders can send announcements to theirs team using "!" as first char in Team chat channel.

[int]Announce ImageLibrary Counter Check - The number of connection attempts to ImageLibrary. Time between each attempt is 60 seconds.

[int]Announce Wounded Distance - The distance in meters until which the distance to an ally is indicated instead of a grid of the map.

[int]Announce Wounded Scream Distance - The distance in meters at which the Scream will be reproduced if Sound Effect is enabled and Announce Sound Prefab Name is empty(""). The distance must be less than Announce Wounded Distance.

[string]Announce Text Font - Font for text. List of available fonts: https://umod.org/guides/rust/basic-concepts-of-gui#fonts.

[float]Announce Duration - The time in seconds after which the announcement will be closed.

[double]Announce Background Transparency - The value of the background transparency.

[int]Maximum Player Name Length - Limits the length of the player's name if it exceeds the limit.

[string]Default Background Color - Default background color.

[string]Default Font Color - Default font color.

[string]Unknown Killer Name - Name of the unknown killer.

[string]Announce Connected Icon UrlURL link to the image for the connection announcement.

[string]Announce Disconnected Icon UrlURL link to the image for the disconnection announcement.

[string]Announce Leader Announce Icon UrlURL link to the image for the group leader announcement.

[string]Announce Wounded Icon UrlURL link to the image for the injury announcement.

[string]Announce Dead Icon UrlURL link to the image for the sleeper death announcement.

[string]Announce Banned Icon UrlURL link to the image for the ban announcement.

[string]Announce Sound Prefab Name - Set prefab name for sound effect for all announces, or leave it empty("") to use Dictionary of announce sounds.

[Dictionary<string, string>]Dictionary of announce colors - Dictionary of colors for announcements.

[Dictionary<string, string>]Dictionary of announce sounds - Dictionary of prefab names for sound effects.

[Dictionary<string, string>]Dictionary of Prefab names - Dictionary of prefab names.



  "PlayerConnected": "Your teammate {0} has been connected.",
  "PlayerDisconnected": "Your teammate {0} has been disconnected.",
  "PlayerWoundedDistance": "Your teammate {0} was wounded by {1}. He is {2} meters away from you.",
  "PlayerWoundedGrid": "Your teammate {0} was wounded by {1} at {2}.",
  "PlayerDeadWhileSleeping": "Your teammate {0} was killed by {1} while he was sleeping at {2}.",
  "PlayerBanned": "Your teammate {0} has been banned.\nReason: {1}.",
  "EmptyTeam": "There is only you in your team.",
  "NotLeader": "Only {0} is allowed to send announcements.",
  "OfflineMates": "All your teammates are offline."
  "PlayerConnected": "Ваш союзник {0} подключился.",
  "PlayerDisconnected": "Ваш союзник {0} отключился.",
  "PlayerWoundedDistance": "Вашего союзника {0} серьезно ранил {1}. Он в {2} метрах от вас.",
  "PlayerWoundedGrid": "Вашего союзника {0} серьезно ранил {1} в {2}.",
  "PlayerDeadWhileSleeping": "Вашего союзника {0} убил {1}, пока тот спал в {2}.",
  "PlayerBanned": "Ваш союзник {0} был заблокирован.\nПричина: {1}.",
  "EmptyTeam": "У тебя нет союзников.",
  "NotLeader": "Только {0} может отправлять объявления.",
  "OfflineMates": "Все ваши союзники не в сети."


  • PlayerConnected - {0} = teammate name;
  • PlayerDisconnected - {0} = teammate name;
  • PlayerWoundedDistance - {0} = teammate name. {1} = attacker name. {2} = distance in meters;
  • PlayerWoundedGrid - {0} = teammate name. {1} = attacker name. {2} = name of the grid on the map;
  • PlayerDeadWhileSleeping - {0} = teammate name. {1} = attacker name. {2} = name of the grid on the map;
  • PlayerBanned - {0} = teammate name. {1} = reason of the ban;
  • NotLeader - {0} = team leader name.

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