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About Skull Trophy

Useful plugin for trophy collection without the need for a specialized knife. It includes additional icons and names for trophies. Furthermore, upon the player's death, it adds their skull to their inventory. Ability to replace the skull while looting a PlayerCorpse, and addition of a Heart Item, which has some effects upon eating it.

Note: Updated clothing will only be displayed on head bags that were gathered after this update.



  • Ability to drop the skull directly into inventory without gathering it;
  • Replacing or removing the skull upon gathering it;
  • Dropping an additional custom heart item;
  • Ability to gather the head bags without a special knife;
  • Ability to customize head bags for types and each players;
  • Ability to customize head bag's item icon;
  • Ability to customize head bag's item name and display name;
  • Adds a displayed head cloth items for 3 NPCs: BanditGuard, ScarecrowNPC, and GingerbreadNPC. By default, they do not have it;
  • Adds custom displayed names for 4 NPCs: BanditGuard, ScientistHeavy, ScientistPeacekeeper, and ScientistNVG. By default, they do not have it.



  • skulltrophy.vip - Allows players to save their clothing or copy someone else's saved clothing for display on a hunting trophy.
  • skulltrophy.ignore - A player with this permission is protected from custom drop of skull and heart.
  • skulltrophy.admin - Grants the same privileges as skulltrophy.vip. Additionally, it allows saving, modifying, and resetting saves for anyone, including by types.



  "Skull Trophy command": "strophy",
  "Use GameTip for messages?": true,
  "Allow add the skull into the inventory on Suicide?": false,
  "Replace Skull on gathering": true,
  "Head Bag. Is it allowed to gather a head bag without a special knife?": true,
  "Head Bag. Give text color": "#FFFFFF",
  "Head Bag. Workshop icons ID": {
    "BasePlayer": 3074297551,
    "Horse": 3074392217,
    "SimpleShark": 3252067977,
    "Bear": 3074392575,
    "Wolf": 3074393525,
    "Boar": 3074393967,
    "Stag": 3074394545,
    "Chicken": 3075281761,
    "ScientistNPC": 3075282198,
    "UnderwaterDweller": 3075283082,
    "TunnelDweller": 3075283387,
    "BanditGuard": 3075283702,
    "ScientistHeavy": 3075283936,
    "ScientistPeacekeeper": 3075284145,
    "ScientistNVG": 3075284355,
    "ScarecrowNPC": 3075284618,
    "GingerbreadNPC": 3075284816
  "Head Bag. Head names for types": {
    "Horse": "Horse",
    "SimpleShark": "Shark",
    "Bear": "Bear",
    "Wolf": "Wolf",
    "Boar": "Boar",
    "Stag": "Stag",
    "Chicken": "Chicken",
    "ScientistNPC": "Scientist",
    "UnderwaterDweller": "Underwater Dweller",
    "TunnelDweller": "Tunnel Dweller",
    "BanditGuard": "Bandit Guard",
    "ScientistHeavy": "Scientist Heavy",
    "ScientistPeacekeeper": "Peacekeeper",
    "ScientistNVG": "Scientist NVG",
    "ScarecrowNPC": "Scarecrow",
    "GingerbreadNPC": "Gingerbread"
  "Heart. Drop chance(0-100)": 50,
  "Heart. Give text color": "#FFFFFF",
  "Heart. Source item short name": "chicken.cooked",
  "Heart. Workshop icon ID": 3075285011,
  "Heart. Prefab name of the eating effect": "assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/snowball/effects/strike_screenshake.prefab",
  "Heart. Temperature change upon eating": 30.0,
  "Replace the skull gathering with": "skull.trophy",
  "List of random Trophies names": [
  "Version": {
    "Major": 0,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 4


  • [string]Skull Trophy command - Plugin command.
  • [bool]Use GameTip for messages? - Should GameTip be used to display messages? If not, chat will be used.
  • [bool]Allow putting the skull into the inventory on Suicide? - Enable skull drop on suicide?
  • [bool]Drop the skull on the ground if the inventory is full? - If true, the skull will drop on the ground if the inventory is full.
  • [bool]Replace Skull on gathering - If true, when gathering a body, skull will be replaced.
  • [bool]Head Bag. Is it allowed to gather a head bag without a special knife?Enables custom settings for the head bags drop and allows gathering the head bags with any tool.
  • [Dictionary<string, ulong>]Head Bag. Workshop icons ID - A dictionary that stores key-value pairs for head bags icons for each type.
  • [Dictionary<string, string>]Head Bag. Head names for types - A dictionary that stores key-value pairs for the displayed name of the head bags for each type.
  • [int]Heart. Drop chance(0-100) - Heart Item drop chance. 0 to disable, 100 for a 100% chance.
  • [string]Heart. Source item short nameShort name of the source item upon which the Heart Item will be created.
  • [ulong]Heart. Workshop icon ID - Set Heart Item Icon ID from the Workshop.
  • [string]Heart. Prefab name of the eating effectPrefab name of the eating effect.
  • [float]Heart. Temperature change upon eating - Temperature change upon eating. A positive value will increase the temperature, while a negative value will decrease it.
  • [string]Replace Skull To - Specify the shortName of the item to replace skull with, or use "Random" to use a random name from the list below. Leave this field empty("") if you simply want to remove it.
  • [List<string>]List of random Trophies names - A list that stores random shortnames of items for replacing skull drops.



  "MsgNotAllowed": "You do not have permissions to use this command!",
  "MsgPlayerNotFound": "The specified player was not found!",
  "MsgPlayerMoreThanOne": "More than one player found!",
  "MsgPlayerNoSavedWear": "The player did not save their clothing!",
  "MsgClearAll": "The saved clothing of all players and NPCs has been reset!",
  "MsgClearAllPlayers": "The saved clothing of all players has been reset!",
  "MsgClearAllTypes": "The saved clothing by types has been reset!",
  "MsgClearPlayer": "{0}'s saved clothing has been reset!",
  "MsgClearMy": "Your saved clothing has been reset!",
  "MsgWearSaved": "Your clothing has been saved!",
  "MsgWearSavedFor": "Clothing for player {0} has been saved!",
  "MsgWearSavedForType": "Clothing for type {0} has been saved!",
  "MsgWearCopied": "{0}'s clothing has been successfully copied!",
  "MsgNeedArgToCopy": "To copy someone's clothing, please specify their ID or name!",
  "MsgTypeAdded": "A new type of {0} has been created! It used your clothing.",
  "MsgTypeRemoved": "Type {0} has been successfully deleted!",
  "MsgTypeNeedArg": "You need to specify the type name!"
  "MsgNotAllowed": "У вас недостаточно прав для использования этой команды!",
  "MsgPlayerNotFound": "Указанный игрок не найден!",
  "MsgPlayerMoreThanOne": "Найдено игроков больше чем один!",
  "MsgPlayerNoSavedWear": "Игрок не сохранял свою одежду!",
  "MsgClearAll": "Сохраненная одежда всех игроков и NPC была обнулена!",
  "MsgClearAllPlayers": "Сохраненная одежда всех игроков была обнулена!",
  "MsgClearAllTypes": "Сохраненная одежда по типам была обнулена!",
  "MsgClearPlayer": "Сохраненная одежда игрока {0} была обнулена!",
  "MsgClearMy": "Ваша сохраненная одежда была обнулена!",
  "MsgWearSaved": "Ваша одежда была сохранена!",
  "MsgWearSavedFor": "Одежда для игрока {0} была сохранена!",
  "MsgWearSavedForType": "Одежда для типа {0} была сохранена!",
  "MsgWearCopied": "Одежда игрока {0} была успешно скопирована!",
  "MsgNeedArgToCopy": "Для копирования чьей то одежды, укажите его ИД или имя!",
  "MsgTypeAdded": "Новый тип {0} был создан! Использовалась ваша одежда.",
  "MsgTypeRemoved": "Тип {0} был успешно удален!",
  "MsgTypeNeedArg": "Вам еще нужно указать имя типа!"



  1. clearDeletes saved clothing.
    • all - Deletes saved clothing for all players and types. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required;
    • players - Deletes saved clothing for all players. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required;
    • types - Deletes saved clothing for all types. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required.
  2. save - Saves the worn clothing for display on the hunting trophy.
    • *type name* - Saves the currently worn clothing for display on the trophy for the specified type. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required;
    • *user name or id* - Saves the currently worn clothing for display on the trophy for the specified player. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required.
  3. copy *user name or id* - Copies the saved clothing of the specified player.
  4. add *type name* - Saves clothing for a new type. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required.
  5. remove *type name* - Deletes the type. Permission "skulltrophy.admin" required.

Example: /strophy clear all and etc.


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