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About Skull Trophy

After the player's death, without permissions, it adds their skull to their inventory. If the inventory is full, it drops the skull near the body.
Ability to replace the skull while looting a PlayerCorpse, and addition of a Heart Item, which has some effects upon eating it.


  • skulltrophy.ignore - Players with this permission will not have their skull drop upon death.

Default config file:

  "Skull Trophy is Enabled": true,
  "Allow putting the skull into the inventory on Suicide": false,
  "Drop the skull on the ground if the inventory is full": true,
  "Replace Skull on gathering": true,
  "Heart. Drop chance(0-100)": 50,
  "Heart. Source item short name": "chicken.cooked",
  "Heart. Workshop icon ID": 2899579160,
  "Heart. Prefab name of the eating effect": "assets/prefabs/misc/xmas/snowball/effects/strike_screenshake.prefab",
  "Heart. Temperature change upon eating": 30.0,
  "Replace the skull gathering with": "skull.trophy",
  "List of random Skull names": [


  • [bool]Skull Trophy is Enabled - Set to true to enable plugin functionality. Or false to disable.
  • [bool]Allow putting the skull into the inventory on Suicide - Allow skull drop upon suicide.
  • [bool]Drop the skull on the ground if the inventory is full - If true, the skull will drop on the ground if the inventory is full.
  • [bool]Replace Skull on gathering - If true, when gathering a body, skull will be replaced.
  • [int]Heart. Drop chance(0-100) - Heart Item drop chance. 0 to disable, 100 for a 100% chance.
  • [string]Heart. Source item short nameShort name of the source item upon which the Heart Item will be created.
  • [ulong]Heart. Workshop icon ID - Set Heart Item Icon ID from the Workshop.
  • [string]Heart. Prefab name of the eating effectPrefab name of the eating effect.
  • [float]Heart. Temperature change upon eating - Temperature change upon eating. A positive value will increase the temperature, while a negative value will decrease it.
  • [string]Replace Skull To - Specify the shortName of the item to replace skull with, or use "Random" to use a random name from the list below. Leave this field empty("") if you simply want to remove it.
  • [List<string>]List of random Skull names - List of random shortNames.

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