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About IQCraftSystem

IQCraftSystem is a unique crafting system with all sorts of crafting, craft even a tree(which can be put), even a copter!

- Huge functionality
- Advanced settings
- You can craft whatever your heart desires.
- Has a nice interface
- Has all the interface settings in detail, in the configuration
- Has sorting of items by category
- Has a smooth design
- Plugin support
- Has conditions for crafting, which you can set separately for each item
1. The level of work bench
2. Have a rank
3. To have the skill to "Advanced crafting" with the support of IQPlagueSkill
4. Currency with IQEconomic support
- Also the installation of items that are required for crafting
- Categories that you can craft
1. game Items
2. Commands
3. Transport
4. BaseEntity-prefabs


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