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About Shark Loot

Sharks are hungry they eat anything, and when u kill and open up their belly you can find all sorts of items maybe a supplysignal.
3 loot profiles and a chance to get a couple of license plates.

Features :

  • Simple 3 category loot lists through config.
  • 50% chance to get license plates otherwise a couple of roadsigns.
  • Compatible with gather multiplier plugins (will cancel the injected items from being multiplied).
  • Option to give a supply signal on each shark corpse.
  • Configurable categories color and name.
  • Set the max and minimum when using gathermultiplier like GatherManager and Zlevels

Permissions :

  • sharkloot.chat : Permission to use the /sharkloot commands

Commands :

  • /shark info : Shows plugin info/version/author (Or any info edited in the language file).
  • /shark loot : Sums up the loot that would possibly be injected in the shark.

Configuration :

max supply signals and max plates will cap the amount of them you would get when using gather multiplier plugins.

  "Plugin Settings": {
    "Debug (true/false)": false,
    "Show Chat messages": true,
    "Prefix": "[<color=orange>Shark Loot</color>] : ",
    "Add a supply signal to loot": true,
    "max supply signals": 1,
    "max Plates (roadsigns & License plates": 3
  "Junk Items Custom category name": "Regular",
  "Junk Category color": "green",
  "min Junk Items": 1,
  "max Junk Items": 3,
  "Junk Items": [
  "Clothing Items Custom category name": "Dive Gear",
  "Clothing Category color": "#4A95CC",
  "min Clothing Items": 1,
  "max Clothing Items": 3,
  "Clothing Items": [
  "Car Parts Custom category name": "Car Tuning",
  "Car Parts Category color": "red",
  "min Car Items": 1,
  "max Car Parts": 3,
  "Car Parts": [

Localisation :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "FoundSignal": "You found {0} Shark Reward Signal the shark didn't digest yet",
  "Info": "\nWhen chopping up the shark corpse you can get various items that the shark had for dinner\n<color=green>Available Commands</color> :\n<color=green>/shark info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands\n<color=green>/shark loot</color> : Lists what you can find in a sharks belly",
  "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>",
  "ItemsFound": "Items found inside sharks",
  "Version": "Version : V",
  "NoPermission": "<color=green>You do not have permission to use this command!</color>",
  "DroppedSignal": "You found {0} Shark Reward Signal but it dropped as your inventory was full"



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