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Neon Collection 1.0.2

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About Neon Collection

Adds spawn cards/sets to your server.
- You can configure the boxes from which the sets will drop out
- The ability to specify the Max/Min number of drop-down sets
- Changing the displayed name of the set
- Changing the skinId of the set
- Chance of dropping each item
- You can change the sound we make when chopping the set

/ncoll - Gives out all the items from your configuration file in the amount that you need for crafting

For correct operation, set the max. number of stacks of human skull, according to the number of sets for crafting
"Amount to craft": 20, - The max stack of skulls should be 20 or more, respectively
Also, don't use the same SkinID


This is my 1st plugin and there may be jambs. Write everything you find, I will definitely try to fix it.

In the future, I want to make the plugin more flexible and the ability to issue not only privileges, but also commands, as well as drop items when shredding a set as a reward.

I'm  going to join the army soon. So the plugin support may disappear for 1 year. Updates for this plugin will be released for 1 month. I will expand its functionality.

Castom St's Collection

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