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About HarborEvent

This event that takes place in Harbor location




This event begins with a warning in the chat that a ship will soon arrive at Harbor to load valuable cargo.
After the time has elapsed, a ship appears in any of Harbor locations available on the map, into which a crane loads a container.
The loading zone is guarded by a tank and 7 NPCs by default.
The entrance to the container is closed, to open the door, you need to press button in the crane cabin.
Inside the container, by default, there is a CCTV camera, a locked crate, 2 DM, 2 elite and 2 military crates.
The location and loot of all the crates/NPCs can be configured in the configuration, as well as add or remove unnecessary crates/NPCs.
Also, the ship will spawn a standard loot from the ship, i.e. 3 locked crates, etc.
The configuration file also allows you to change the tank and loot in it.
When an event appears, a marker is displayed on the map (configured in the configuration file).
All players who are in the event zone will have a timer with a countdown to the end of the event.
At the end of the event, the ship sails from the island


Dependencies (optional, not required)


Chat commands (only for administrators)

/harborstart – starting of the event
/harborstop – ending of the event
/harborpos – determining the position and rotation coordinates for changing the location of NPCs and crates.It should write in the configuration (Attention! The event must be started, the current position of the administrator in relation to the cargoship is read)


Console commands (RCON only)

harborstart – starting of the event
harborstop – ending of the event


Plugin Config

“Minimum time between events [sec.]”
“Maximum time between events [sec.]”
“Duration of the event [sec.]”
“Time before the starting of the event after receiving a chat message [sec.]”
“Notification time until the end of the event [sec.]”
“The CCTV camera”
“Prefix of chat messages”
“Do you create a PVP zone in the event area? (only for users TruePVE plugin)”
"Do you use the countdown GUI?"
"Do you use the chat?"
“Do you want to use the AlphaLoot in NPCs? [true/false]”
“Do you want to use the AlphaLoot in crates? [true/false]”
“Actions during the loot of a locked crate in a container”
“Actions during the loot of locked crates on a ship”
"Interrupt the teleport in harbor? (only for users NTeleportation plugin) [true/false]"
"Can SAM Site turrets appear in the event zone? [true/false]"
"Can sentry auto turrets appear in the event zone? [true/false]"
“NPCs setting”

  • “Location of all NPCs”
  • “Name (empty – default)”
  • “Health”
  • “Vision Range”
  • “Hearing Range”
  • “Scale damage”
  • “Wear items”
  • “Belt items”
  • “Do you want to use the default loot? [true/false]”
  • “Minimum numbers of items”
  • “Maximum numbers of items”
  • “List of items”

“Crates setting”

  • “Prefab”
  • “Position”
  • “Rotation”
  • “Do you want to use the default loot? [true/false]”
  • “Minimum numbers of items”
  • “Maximum numbers of items”
  • “List of items”

“Bradley setting”

  • “Health”
  • “The viewing distance”
  • “Radius of search”
  • “Scale damage”
  • “The multiplier of Machine-gun aim cone”
  • “The multiplier of Machine-gun fire rate”
  • “Amount of Machine-gun burst shots”
  • “Time that Bradley holds in memory the position of its last target”
  • “The time between shots of the main gun”
  • “The time between shots of the main gun in a fire rate”
  • “Numbers of crates”
  • “Rotation”
  • “Do you want to use the default loot? [true/false]”
  • “Minimum numbers of items”
  • “Maximum numbers of items”
  • “List of items”

“Setting of items in locked crates”

  • “Time to unlock the crates [sec.]”
  • “Do you want to use the default loot? [true/false]”
  • “Do you want to use the AlphaLoot? [true/false]”
  • “Minimum numbers of items”
  • “Maximum numbers of items”
  • “List of items”

“List of items”

  • “ShortName”
  • “Minimum”
  • “Maximum”
  • “Chance [0.0-100.0]”
  • “Is this a blueprint? [true/false]”
  • “SkinID (0 – default)”
  • “Name (empty – default)”

“Marker configuration on the map”

  • “Radius”
  • “Alpha”
  • “Marker color”
  • “Outline color”

“GUI Announcements setting”

  • “Do you use the GUI Announcements?”
  • “Banner color”
  • “Text color”
  • “Adjust Vertical Position”

“Notify setting”

  • “Do you use the Notify?”
  • “Type”

“Discord setting (only for users DiscordCore plugin)”

  • “Do you use the Discord?”
  • “Channel ID in Discord”

"Dome setting"

  • "Do you use the dome?"
  • "Darkening the dome"


Contact me in Discord: KpucTaJl#8923

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