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About BradleyOptions

  • Configure spawn checks for launchsite including RustEdit spawns.
  • Configure settings for Bradley  (hp/crates/damage etc etc).
  • Add a cooldown between Kills

Works with :

  • BradleyGuards (Bazz3l)
  • BradleyGuards (KrunghCrow)
  • Paratroopers (FastBurst)

Optional dependencies :

  • RustEdit

Features :

  • Configurable Bradley settings like HP,Crates,Damage
  • Can set Sleepersafe true/false (To not attack a sleeper)
  • Can set a Cooldown between destroying(killing) the bradley (added in 2.1.0)
  • Shows remaining cooldown in chat if enabled (added in 2.1.2 Thx @RFC1920)
  • If Cooldown is set and timer ended the player will get notified in chat
  • Can set to ignore admins/owner (will ignore the admins and owner completely by the BradleyAPC) Even when NOT vanished!!!
  • Will not attack Junkpile scientists
  • No conflicts with Vanish.
  • Can enable/disable gibs
  • Can unlock crates and extinguish fire after kill (true/false)
  • Set plugins true/false to avoid BradleyOptions to override settings those plugins use (Choose 1).
  • If enabled can set a random bradley respawn time.
  • If enabled when you use a custom map and the bradley spawns incorrect will check and set the spawntime and bradley path it drives (only use these settings if the Bradley from custom locations are forced spawning on random locations at launchsite instead of the locations placed with RustEdit)
  • Commands to respawn dead bradleys manualy.

Permissions :

  • BradleyOptions.Admin (To use the commands)

Commands :

  • /bradley info : Shows the version/author/commands available in chat.
  • /bradley quickrespawn : To respawn a dead bradley on vanilla launchsite location.
  • /bradley custom : To respawn and check for killed Bradleys on Custom locations (RustEdit).

Configuration :
Note : for override settings set only 1 setting to true !!!
If u have other Custom bradley plugins using either setting let me know i can add it to a profile or check if they are the same with one of the existing profiles.

  "Spawn checks Custom Maps (Use this only when bradley does not spawn correctly on custom maps!!!": {
    "Respawn check (Use rustedit for Custom locations": false,
    "Respawn check (Vanilla Launchsite)": false,
    "Respawn check (Launchsite) each x Minutes": 15.0,
    "Respawn check (all Custom locations) each x Minutes": 15.0
  "Cooldowns": {
    "use cooldown between Bradley Kills": false,
    "cooldown between Bradley kills (minutes)": 120
  "Avoid BradleyInfo override settings for other plugins": {
    "Using Only BradleyOptions": false,
    "Using BradleyGuards/ParaTroopers (Umod)": false,
    "Using BradleyGuards (Codefling)": true
  "Spawn checks Vanilla Maps (use this only when you are using just the Launchsite!!!": {
    "Respawn Use (Launchsite Bradley ,use only when spawn checks are disabled)": true,
    "Min respawn time (minutes)": 10.0,
    "Max respawn time (minutes)": 15.0
  "Bradley Settings": {
    "Enabled (will not spawn when false)": true,
    "Change Health (If only using BradleyOptions)": true,
    "Health": 2000,
    "Max Fire Range": 100,
    "Throttle Responce": 1.0,
    "Hostile timer": 20.0,
    "Ignores sleepers": true,
    "Ignores admins": false
  "Bradley Loot": {
    "Max crates after kill": 4,
    "Remove Napalm": true,
    "Remove Gibs": false,
    "Instantly unlock crates": false
  "Bradley Canon": {
    "Canon Fire delay": 0.3,
    "Canon Firerate": 0.25
  "Bradley Machinegun": {
    "Machinegun Bullet Damage": 1,
    "Machinegun Firerate": 0.06667,
    "Machinegun Burst Duration": 10

Localisation :
English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.


  "CooldownMsg": "You have a <color=green>{0}</color> minute cooldown left and have to wait to take on the Bradley again!!",
  "CooldownEnded": "Your Cooldown ended you can take on the Bradley again!!",
  "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>",
  "Prefix": "<color=yellow>[Bradley Options]</color> ",
  "Version": "\nVersion : V",
  "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color>\n<color=green>/bradley info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands",
  "InfoRespawn": "\n<color=green>/bradley quickrespawn</color> : Respawns the Launchsite bradley.",
  "InfoRespawnCustom": "\n<color=green>/bradley custom</color> : Respawns custom bradleys <color=purple>[RustEdit]</color>.",
  "RespawnAll": "<color=green>Respawned all Bradleys on custom locations</color> [RustEdit]",
  "RespawnLaunch": "<color=green>Respawned The Bradley on Launchsite",
  "NoPermission": "<color=green>You do not have permission to use that command!</color>"

Credits :


Plugin Icon design : @Horus for making me this

Krungh Crow's Other Downloads

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